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What Do We know

No description

Siddhartha Choudhury

on 1 February 2015

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Transcript of What Do We know

The Website/ SEO
Display Ads
Mobile Ads and Apps
Reporting and Analytics
Going Beyond

The Website/SEO
www.candelite.com is an absolutely delightful website, with relevant theme and good page loading speed.
It is a very organised and well developed website with a good content score. Page Navigation is good and has a detailed sitemap.
There are few points which can be worked on to improve the page ranking and relevance for the organic search.
Descriptive page titles (give extra details, so that the website can show up in organic searches)
Use the "description meta tag" (A page's description meta tag gives search engines a summary of what the page is about)
Update the page regularly (Even if it is a small tweak)
Provide links to other related websites and blogs (Increases Back links)
Use links in ezines (Newsletter back links helps create traffic)
Have a version in Arabic (Translation of the website increases the reach)

Keyword Analysis

Keyword Planner Tool
Keyword Search Volume

Create Adword Campaign
Paid Inclusion

Adword Campaigns
Group keywords under proper Adgroups
Create Text Ads, specify display URLs
Change settings, Set Geo-Targeting
Run Campaign
Paid Inclusion
User can pay search engines like Yahoo to show up website on the search index.
Social Media can be used for:

Brand Building
Driving Traffic
Direct Response
Maintain Transparency

Candelite facebook page is well managed and posts are regulalrly updated. It is popular with a massive 26,600
Candelite can use Facebook Sponsored Ads for:
Clicks to Website
Website Conversion
Page Post Engagement
Page Likes
Candelite can also engage in other Facebook pages who are in confectionery or related business.
Intertwining Twitter and Facebook accounts helps build communication between two accounts
CandeliteME the youtube channel can:
Post more videos of store, interviews, promotions, greetings on special occasions, recipes
Share videos of recipes, animations, kids entertainment
Showcase videos to showoff the channel and encourage subscription
Videos with compelling title
Social Networking links can be provided in videos
Create regular contents and share it on other social media
Sources: http://blog.kissmetrics.com/2013-youtube-marketing-guide/
Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/jaysondemers/2014/04/01/how-to-build-a-winning-twitter-strategy-in-2014/
@CandeliteME has a fair performance with 693 tweets and 602 followers
CandeliteME can :
Add a link back to the website in description
Interact with experts of the industry
Get employees involved
Publish testimonies from happy customers
More use of the #tags
Retweet, ask followers to retweet
Introduce exclusive offers for the followers
In future may use promoted tweets
Use Twitter Analytics, to keep a track of the followers
"see it, want it, buy it"
Candelite can use both the platforms to narrate the brand story
Create contests to pin or post pics to win
Link the website to create traffic
Feature customers and find and tag them
Take the help of employees to create a buzz using both the Pinterest and Instagram
Display Ads
Why Display Ads?

Create Brand Awareness
Increase Sales
Drive Loyalty/Retargeting
Email/ Newsletter Marketing
Newsletters and emails are very potent and can drive upto 8-12% conversion rate.
Tips on not landing into the spam
Confirm subscription
Highlight the unsubscribe link
Use smaller images
Use relevant keywords and topic of discussion
Refrain from using spam keywords
Mention user's data privacy
Send mails from a trusted domain with high delivery rate
Never invest on buying the mail list
Source: http://emailmarketing.comm100.com/email-marketing-tutorial/emails-going-to-junk.aspx
Mobile Marketing
UAE has more than 11 million mobile users representing a mobile penetration rate of 133%
Mobile App/ Mobile Website
Soon UAE will incorporate the LTE(Long Term Evolution) providing speed upto 150Gbps.
Enabling users to load and download rich media content of the website.
Candelite can develop cross platform mobile apps to access information on the go and also create the m.candelite.com
Mobile Ads
The trend shows a fall in percentage of mobile Ads.

Investment in in-app ads and display Ads on mobile needs more careful consideration for Candelite
Analytics and Reporting
Using Google Analytics, Candelite can get exact insight on:
Which marketing initiatives are most efficient.
Accurate web traffic trends which will help in budget allocation
Customer Targeting
Ads or Keywords which generate more conversion
Check on bounce rate and which pages retain the customers the most
Source: http://www.mvfglobal.com/uae
Candelite can use the Google Analytics for free

Google Analytics can also be used to generate reports to make better marketing efforts in future based on the historical data
Source: https://support.google.com/analytics/

Going Beyond
Internet retail will see a growth of 95% in next 5 years
With the expected internet users to reach 170 million by 2016
Candelite can use payment gateway
in website and in mobile app in future
to meet this demand
Create a list of relevant bloggers and contact them
to be published
Register on Zomato's special section "Desserts & Bakes"
Banner Blindness
Technological Variations
Privacy Concerns
Delivery Methods
Corporate Cakes
Tie up with deal sites
In-store promotions to encourage online marketing
Movies and Special events Discounts and contests
Contribution to Social Cause
Dental Camps
Get endorsed by a local celebrity
Source: http://www.arabianbusiness.com/uae-online-retail-set-for-95-growth-by-2018-488798.html
Thank You
The company SidCandy along with the used logo, tag-line and vision is work of fiction derived from my name. Any resemblance to a real company or organization is purely coincidental. This presentation is made for Interactive Avenues Pvt. Ltd. to showcase myself. Enjoy :)

- Siddhartha
The company SidCandy along with the used logo, tag-line and vision is work of fiction derived from my name. Any resemblance to a real company or organization is purely coincidental. This presentation is made for Interactive Avenues Pvt. Ltd. and can be downloaded. Enjoy :)

- Siddhartha
SidCandy was founded by Siddhartha Choudhury in January 2015.
The company aims to be the leader in the confectionary industry in India, achieve supreme taste without compromising quality.
SidCandy is a powerhouse in candys, toffees, chocolate based snacks & confectionaries.
Brand building and brand awareness through mass advertising, tradeshows, PR, direct mail and cold calling is history.
These days, Social Media Marketing is an essential part of Marketing Mix. SMM drives a large portion of B2C and B2B interaction on the web.
Social Media provides the perfect platform to create valuable relationship with customers and promote sharing and engagement. It is a powerful tool to spread brand knowledge and brand awareness(recognition and recall)
India's Internet population is projected to reach second largest after China with 330-350million users by the end of 2015
The Social Media penetration is more than 5% and users are getting added to Social Media at the pace of 30-40% per year
The average time spent over social media is 25% where as entertainment is only 11%
Clear Marketing Objective
Laying the Foundation
Tracking the Market Success
Communicating through Leadership
Communicating through Leadership: Showcasing SidCandy's expertise in the Confectionery Industry, by creating powerful content.
Social Responsibility: Build trust with customers by conveying, SidCandy cares for the customers and isn't just about profits.
Transparency: Being active on Social Media makes the company more transparent. SidCandy will use this to leverage trust and rapport with the customers.
Responsive Customer Communication: SidCandy will take the opportunity of Social Media to cater and respond to customers in front of a large audience.

SidCandy sees endless opportunities of being active on Social Media
SidCandy's meat for social media plan and the tools covered will include:
• Social Networks
• YouTube
• Photo and Image Sharing

“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is.”- Scott Cook
The major of time will be spent on the four major social
marketing sites: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.The key will be to engage and build relationship rather than merely posting on these sites
There are more than 800 million people using Facebook every day.
Last year, Facebook users in India hit 108.9 million from 77.8 million in 2013.
SidCandy will use Facebook to strengthen brand likeability, post interesting and engaging contents. Depending on the relevance EdgeRank algorithm of Facebook, will then amplify the post and place in fan's newsfeed.
EdgeRank depends on two things; engagement rate (i.e. likes+comments+total fans ) and people talking about you metrics.
So to brand SidCandy we need to increase EdgeRank and we can do that in two ways: Organic and Paid
Organic: Posting Visual Contents
Company Information
Vibrant Videos
Exclusive Events and News
Creating Offers
Creating or Joining Relevant Facebook Groups
Creating Facebook Lists

Paid Feature:

Promote Posts: A strong, up-to-date, compelling, funny or interesting post will be promoted to show up in the newsfeed
of all our fans and are visible to their
friends as well. It will eventually become a sponsored story when it is seen by more people than a regular post

Paid Feature:

Facebook Ads offers geo-targeting and demographics to reach out the target market, and people with common interests as that of SidCandy.
We can also set a daily and weekly budget.
The performance of the ads are conveniently shown in FB Analytic(Insights)
With 284 million monthly active users and 500 million Tweets are sent per day, Twitter has become one of the top 10 websites visited.

Being followed on Twitter is an incredibly strong signal of online affinity for SidCandy. These self-selected prospects indicate an active interest in us and that people want to hear from SidCandy
Twitter Handle is short i.e. only 140 characters making it very mobile.
Getting started:
Twitter Following will achieve 3 major goals for SidCandy.
Establish Identity in Confectionery and Candy Industry
People will know we are on twitter and we can encourage them to follow us back.
After following the relevant account we can eventually start a conversation
SidCandy will device # hashtag contest campaigns that will compell users to re-tweet and win prizes. A good way to spread the Brand Awareness.
Using tools to shorten the URL is very important, keeping in mind the 140 character limitation.
Using #tags is a goodway to start a trend on Twitter. Interesting tweets with #SidCandy #ItsASweetWorld #Candy4life #SweetCandyOfMine etc. can create a great ripple effect.
Promotional Campaigns can be run to encash opportunity to associate SidCandy to different attributes and create a strong positive perception in user's mind. E.g. Tweets during Festivals associating SidCandy to happiness, sweetness, love, celebration etc.
Google+ Though the penetration of G+ in India is very low but it plays a major role in SEO by making it easier to show up in search results. SidCandy wishes to increase its online presence by being part of the Google Family.
Pintrest and Instagram are the photo sharing Social Media. 80% pintrest users are females while the fact that Instagram is available only on smart phones, gives SidCandy a scope to reach out toa very large segment of the target audience. Instagram also can leverage the spread of the Twitter #Hashtag Campaings.
Vlogs like Youtube can be an interesting drivers to webtraffic as people like to believe what they see and hear.
SidCandy's performace on Social Media will be measured, tracked and optimized.

We can take the help of Softwares to Monitor the metrics and help us maintain a consistent presence.

Some of the tools available to track the performance are : Radian 6, Virtue, Hootsuite etc.

These tools also enable us to integrate diferrent Social Media Platforms and perform cross-functionally
Measuring the ROI of SMM campaign is a challenge but can be overcome by out of the box approach.
Calculating Cost per Lead, Cost per click metrics can give a brief idea of the success of SMM campaigns
Measuring the ROI of SMM campaign is a challenge but can be overcome by out of the box approach.
Google Analytics can give us the inflow of Web traffic, The greater the inflow from Social Media, greater is the success of campaign.
Tracking the total size of involvement and engagement is a useful metrics to measure SMM performance. User sentiments should be carefulLy tracked manualy
The power shift from suppliers to consumer has made Social Media Marketing a competitive platform. It is very important to regard the consumer buying behavior and SMM is a key driver to the decision making process of the end user.

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