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Factors affecting health Unit 12

No description

Jill Marshall

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Factors affecting health Unit 12

There are a range of factors that impact upon a person's health... Factors affecting health Socio-economic Factors Social Class Since the Black report, it has been acknowledged that those from the lowest social groupings experience the poorest health in society Countries with the smallest income differences have the best health, rather than the richest countries. Age as people get older, they are more likely to experience illness, coupled with the problems of lack of earnings Gender men and women have different patterns of ill health Income & expenditure disposable income is linked to health - the poorest people in England are over 10x more likely to die in their 50's than rich people employment status In general, being unemployed leads to poorer health housing Since the 19th century, the link between poor housing and poor health has been argued. discrimination BME groups experience higher mortality from a range of diseases....Saving lives identified that BME are more likely to livein disadvantaged areas education educational success is associated with better health Environmental Factors Urban people who live in urban areas experience the worst health Rural Rural areas have their own specific set of health problems Waste management health issues relating to landfill and other unsustainable waste disposal Water Supply Since the 19th century the link between contaminated water and ill health/ diseases has been established and continues today Housing housing is an indicator of social class and income deprivation - low income more likely to experience overcrowding etc pollution affects land, air,water and visual pollution and can bring long term environmental and human health damage access to health and social care How people use services and how far away they are to services, are important factors
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