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HIstory: Heinz Raphael

Remebering the Holocaust

Tyler Dunkley

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of HIstory: Heinz Raphael

History Remembering Eva Olson and Heinz Raphael Name, Age and Gender Heinz Raphael
He was born
on 30th of January 1927.
He was a male. Cultural Background Occupation, Work Life
Family life His family was all Jewish. His dad was a teacher at a
local jewish elementary school. He was also the Hazan,
and in fact was the spiritual leader of the community.
His mother was a stay at home mom. He had no job because he was just a young boy at the
time. His family life was normal for a family at this
time. He went to school where his dad was a teacher
and he came home after school to eat dinner with his family. Camps Other important facts Heinz and his family never went to any concentration camps. His father and oldest brother went to Britain and served in the war. His mother and himself escaped to Sweden 3 days before they sent them to the camps. Eva Olson She was born
October 24th 1924 She was a female. Eva Olson
Her family was all Jewish. She was one of the six children her parents had. Eva Olson At the very first day her mother and youngest sibling were killed at the concentration camp. Eva was holding the young child but someone told her that she should give the baby to her mother. It was her and her 17 year old sister and Eva felt an obligation to protect her because their mother was dead. Eva and her sister were held in the camp Auschwitz-Birkenau. This was a work and death camp. She and her sister were some of the lucky ones who got out of the camp and survived. Eva in the end married a man who new she had no intellectual background, but he thought that it wasn't the smarts that mattered it was the heart. He died at a young age. Eva then became a educator in telling her story of surviving the Holocaust. This and many other stories help us to remember what actually happened. What Camp Life was like and what Eva remembers. Camp life was very hard.
You had to work on basically no food or water and you had to do your job perfectly. If not you were killed. Then there was the selections which you had to make yourself look healthy which was very hard.Eva remembers having to work hard because she wanted to keep her and her sister safe. It was hard enough trying to keep yourself safe but then keeping another was even harder.
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