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Cultural Relevance Project

No description

matthew martinez

on 3 May 2018

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Transcript of Cultural Relevance Project

Support Characters:
Antagonist- The father, who is the abuser of the dog.
Another supporting character is the child who is the owner of the dog.

Main Characters:
Protagonist- The Dark Brown Dog
The theme of the story is abuse.

"The child beat his pursuer with a small stick he had found." (Crane 1).
"Whereupon the child lifted his hand and struck the dog a blow upon the head." (Crane 1).
"[The father]... gave a huge howl of joy, and knocked the dog down with a heavy coffee-pot." (Crane 1).
When the child first met the dog. The child was leaning against a fence and the dog was walking down the road with a rope hanging from its neck.

Rising Action
When the child brought the dog home to keep. After they met, the dog followed the child, the boy tried to stop the dog, but the dog would not leave. Once they reached the apartment the child decided that he would like to keep the dog.
Falling Action
When the father threw the dog out of the five story high window. This is where everything starts falling into place and coming to a conclusion.
Dog vs. Human: "But the father was in no mood for having fun,
and it occurred to him that it would be a fine thing to throw the dog out of the window. So he reached down and grabbing the animal by a leg, lifted him, squirming, up. He swung him two or three times hilariously about his head, and then flung him with great accuracy through the window." (Crane 1).
Cultural Relevance Project
By: Matthew Martinez
Dog vs. Self: "But the little dark-brown dog took this chastisement in the most serious way, and no doubt considered that he had committed some grave crime, for he wriggled contritely and showed his repentance in every way that was in his power." (Crane 1).
The climax took place when the father came home drunk, and abused the dog with a coffee pot, and picked him up by one leg and swung him around.
The resolution is when the father throws the dog out of the window, the dog lands on multiple roofs before finally landing on the ground in an alley, and is already dead.
Personal Relation
I recently adopted a pit bull from the Broward Humane Society. He is a happy 1 year and 2 month old puppy who had a troubling past with his owners. They were abusive and torturous towards him and caused a lot of trauma. He is one of the sweetest dogs I've ever had the pleasure of knowing, yet his past experiences made it hard to connect with him. Now he is extremely loving towards all of my family and everyone he meets including cats and dogs. I am glad I saved him from his awful past and will hopefully be able to save other dogs in the future.
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