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The Michelle I Know

No description

Aly Fox

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of The Michelle I Know

The Michelle I Know
Type of Character
Michelle is a Dynamic Character, she undergoes a change. This change is an attitude change. Michelle goes from hopeless, to hopeful because of the thoughtful words and actions of Claude, Brenda, and Rob. Michelle changes her attitude, in the beginning she had no energy to pound her pillow, and being sick and tired of needles and being sick.
She changes her attitude towards Claude in the beginning she said "do you ever feel like sometimes you rather die, then be poked one more time?" Claude answered "We were each given a life, you don't throw that out like garbage." After hearing that she started to change the way she thought.
She also changes her attitude towards Rob, she is jealous and double guessed her relationship with him, but after he told her that he liked her for more than her looks, and that he didn't care that she had no hair.
Michelle changes her attitude with the help of others, now she is hopeful and believes that she has a bigger and better chance.
3 Words to Describe Michelle
Michelle is courageous she takes on the challenges of cancer, and being a different person than everyone else. Michelle is forced into bad circumstances and has had down falls in her attitude but in the end she fights through and has a new courageous outlook on life.

: Michelle is caring, she shows this because of the way she cares about Rob. If she didn't care, she won't be worried about where he is, and if he is okay. She also cares about making a random persons day by meeting him, when she goes see Claude. She listens and cares about the things that he is saying and she took them in account.

What others say about Michelle?
3 Words to Describe Michelle Continued...
Michelle is angry with the way she looks, with the situations that she that she has been forced to handle. Sometimes she would rather die then be poked with another needle. She has an angry way of looking at the situations that she is facing.
Written Letter from Claude
Michelle is a very realistic character. Many cancer patients that are young girls would act the same because young girls care about their appearance, and Michelle doesn't have hair, and is worried what people will think of her. This is a very realistic character because, the change that she undergoes is a realistic attitude change that could happen with the help of other like Brenda, Claude, and Rob.
Character Sketch/ Written Letter
I feel that the events that have happened to Michelle have happened for a reason. Michelle has been through a lot, but it has all been for a reason. If she hadn't lost her hair, she wouldn't have the same relationship she has now with Rob. Him telling her that their relationship is more than what she looks like. When she came to visit me, I acted the way I did because she looked worried and scared and depressed. By giving her some good advice from someone who has been through the same things would be good for him. If I had to go through all the same circumstances Michelle had to go through, I would have acted the same. Michelle is doing what any other person would do if they were faced with the same circumstances, that includes me. I would like to say a few words to Rob. Rob give her time, give her space she has been through a lot, and so have you but you got work for it. Work for her trust, and she knows that you like her and she likes you. Michelle I wish you the very best, and luck with your situations. We were each given a life, you don't throw that out like garbage.
: The other characters believe that she is beautiful just the way she is. Even if she doesn't believe it, being beautiful is about more than looks like Rob tells her. Rob tells her that their relationship is more than what her hair looks like. Michelle has more than her looks she has a attitude than changes into a good hopeful one that people she her for.

: Michelle is a fighter, she has had many challenges to face. She has fought through them all, and come out even stronger. Like the change that her attitude undergoes. Overall, she has come out stronger than the she was in the beginning.

By: Alyson Fox
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