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No description

Shawnia Fanning

on 29 April 2015

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Transcript of Nutrition

Should all schools' have the National School Lunch Program?
Essential Question
What is Nutrition?
-Nutrition is the science or practice of consuming and utilizing foods.
-Can reduce some chronic disease including heart attack and stroke, can reduce the risk of heart disease, obesity, and 2type diabetes.
The human body requires seven types of nutrients
-Protein (meat)
-Carbohydrate (oatmeal)
-Fat (flax seed)
- Vitamin ( A, D, B12, and etc.)
- mineral ( milk, yogurt)
- Fiber (popcorn)
- Water (H20)
Thesis Statement
In American Society children do not have healthy eating habits. Some children are obese and schools need to provide healthier choices. The National School Lunch Program needs to be included because it provides nutritious meals and gives the student a better chance to have a healthier future.
By: Shawnia Fanning
Children over 2 years old Weight Chart
1 in 3 children ages (2-19) in the United States are overweight or obese
Reasons why people are overweight or obese
-Drug side effects(Birth Control)

-Illnesses that affect weight
-Genetic Disorder (Runs in the Family)
-Emotional Factors (Depression)
-Lack of Sleep
-An Inactive Lifestyle
Children Ages (2-19) Percentage of Obesity
How many calories does each lunch grade get?
Elementary school lunch contains 550-650 calories.
Middle school lunch contains 600-700 calories
High school lunch should contain 750-800 calories
What is The National School Lunch Program?
Why is this topic important to me?
-Obesity in Children and their rates
-Healthier choices
-The National School Lunch Program
-To inform
-Offer a solution
Research Tools

What is the total calorie count?
549 Calories
100 Calories
Key Concepts
-Essential Question
-What is Nutrition?
-The seven nutrients the human body requires.
- Childhood Obesity
- The National School Lunch Program
-Why schools don't have The National School Lunch Program?
-The National School Lunch Program is a federal assisted meal program that is operates in over 100,00 schools

-The program provided nutritionally balanced, low-cost or free lunches to more than 31 million children each school day.
Issuses that can be caused by Childhood Obestiy.
- Type 2 Diabetes
- Sleep Apnea
-Psychological stress (low self-esteem)
-In 2010 The Healthy Hunger- Free Kids Act states to limit the vending machines to 200 calories per item.

-Soda/Sports drinks up to 60 calories or less
The New Requirements
In 2012 the new requirements was to eliminate full-fat milk and boost whole grain foods which reduced calories on the menu.
Only Elementary and Middle schools can sell water, 100%fruit or vegetable juice and low fat milk
Sifferlin A. (2012, Dec 31)
Sifferlin A. (2013, June 28)
Sifferlin A. (2013, June 28)
Why are schools opting out of the National School Lunch Program?
-Guidelines are too strict
-Couldn't afford to participate
- Leaving out the athlete or active kids hungry
Where does the food come from?
- A list of various foods that is bought by the (USDA)
-Offered to the school program
-(DoD) helps get fresh produce from farms
-USDA then purchase the items from DoD
-Bonus foods are offered if they are available through agricultural surplus
Schools that don't have the National School Lunch Program?
-Manlius-Pebble Hill in Central New York
-The National School Lunch Program needs to be included in schools because it provide nutritous meal and give the student a better chance to have a healthier furture.
-Catch the children at a young age
-Sever bigger protion to high school students
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