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10 Reasons why YOU should be in Academic Decathlon

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Gema Trejo

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of 10 Reasons why YOU should be in Academic Decathlon

10 Reasons why YOU should be in Academic Decathlon
By: Gema Trejo, President
1. You learn A LOT
Logically, its contradictory to have 'academic' in a class name and not learn a lot, especially in Academic Decathlon. In Academic Decathlon (AcaDec for short), there are 10 subjects, hence the decathlon part, that are all interconnected by a central theme that changes every year.
2. It's NOT just for "smart" people
Every time I try to get people to join AcaDec, they always give me the same pretext, it's sort of eerie. People always say, "It's just for smart people though." False; there are 3 sub-groups in AcaDec accommodating to everyone's GPA. Those 3 sub-groups are:
Honors: A-average kids
Scholastic: B-average kids
Varsity: C-average and below kids
The great part is that, you compete with students at your level only so no need to fear the possibility of you competing against someone at a higher level than you, unless you really want to, because at that point you can compete at a level higher than yours.
3. It prepares you for college and life
There's a reason why AcaDec has everyone do a speech and an interview, and that reason is the same reason AcaDec was founded: for college and life readiness. The skills you develop for interview, like writing a resume, shaking hands, and having confidence, are vital to being ready for college interviews and job interviews. Speech helps you get over the fear of public speaking and the shyness that comes with it, so if you can handle interview and speech, you can handle almost anything!
Some Background
There are 10 topics
Language and Literature
Social Science
EVERYONE writes a speech, makes a resume, takes the tests, presents their speech, gets interviewed, types an essay, and does SuperQuiz
There are 2 days of competition, Friday and Saturday
Friday competition, otherwise known as, The-Only-Day-You-Will-See-Certain-Decathletes-Dressed-Nice
Essay (only during regionals)
Saturday competition, otherwise known as, You-Don't-Have-To-Be-In-Those-Shoes-That-Were-Killing-You-Day
Take all the tests with short breaks in between
Awards ceremony
4. SuperQuiz is seriously the most exhilarating thing ever
Imagine this, you're calmly sitting down trying to get over your nerves, then in a loud, clear voice, you hear, "Can the last honors students join us on stage." All you can do is feel your heart skip a beat when you hear that, but you bravely get up, face your team, smile, give them a thumbs up, and begin the short walk to the stairs with all eyes on you. You take your seat and suddenly, you don't feel so scared anymore, you feel like you belong there. Then the questions start, you're hesitant at first but then it comes naturally, with everyone cheering you on and a huge smile on your face when you get the right answer. Then at the final question, after the last seven seconds pass, you don't feel the anxiety anymore and everything inside you is calm. That, my friends, is SuperQuiz.
5. There's scholarships involved
Planning on being in AcaDec for at least 2 years? Bam! A scholarship.
You did REALLY awesome in competition? Bam! A scholarship.
Your dream college offers a scholarship for decathletes? Bam! A scholarship.
AcaDec helps increase your grades and incidentally, your GPA? Bam! A scholarship.
You and your team do great? Bam! A scholarship.
6. It's an honors elective AND a club
Colleges love to see kids who have all honors classes and most electives are non-honors. Solution? Join AcaDec, plus its not a 0 hour, its an 8th hour! Colleges also love to see kids who have clubs and among the most sought after students are AcaDec students; don't get all skeptical on that either, we're a Division 1 AcaDec school, a vast majority of colleges and universities would kill to have us.
7. You get to meet some of the smartest people at competition that you become really close to
You know how there are just some people that once you meet you know you're going to be friends with for a long time? That's how meeting people at competition is because they have so much in common with you already. Sometimes its not even just one person, it can even be whole teams, and the great part is, a large amount of them will be there for as long as you so you can keep seeing them.
8. The things you learn here help you in just about every class
There are so many people who have come into AcaDec who will tell you the exact same thing about their experience. They'll all tell you that everything they learned in AcaDec from test taking skills to sigma notation came in handy in their classes.
9. You can specialize
Just because there are 10 subjects doesn't mean you have to do 10 subjects. If you're good at art, music, and language and literature, you go right ahead and you work on just those 3. There's no need to over-exert yourself and try doing all of the subjects, you don't have to be all Gema Trejo about it. Do what your good at contribute that way to your team.
10. It's one of the most fun things you can be a part of
There have been nicknames, rivalries, loud whooping out of triumph, tears and some unforgettable moments. From the van ride to the school hosting the competition to the end of the awards ceremony, most of the best memories from this year have all taken place in AcaDec. After a while, the team becomes something more to you and by the end of the year you're prepared to do anything for them, and that does include giving a cheesy presentation to advocate and expand.
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