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IB Biology SL/HL

No description

Janice Yang

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of IB Biology SL/HL

IB Biology SL/HL
Exam Structure
HL vs. SL
Timing of the Exam
Know ALL core topics!
Topic 7: Nucleic Acids and Proteins
Topic 8: Cell Respiration and Photosynthesis
Topic 9: Plant science
Topic 10: Genetics
Topic 11: Human Health and Physiology
Options for SL&HL
Paper 1 - 45 min
Paper 2 - 1 hour 15 min
Paper 3 - 1 hour

Paper 1 - 1 hour
Paper 2 - 2 hour 15 min
Paper 3 - 1 hour 15 min
-Paper 1 (30 multiple choice) 20% of overall score
-Paper 2 (Section A: DBQ and short answer, Section B: extended response) 32%
-Paper 3 (short answer on 2 options) 24%
-Internal Assessment- 24%

-Paper 1 (40 multiple choice) 20%
-Paper 2 (Section A: DBQ and short answer, Section B: 2 extended response) 36%
-Paper 3 (short answer and 1 extended response) 20%
-Internal Assessment- 24%
Types of Questions for Different Papers
Paper 1
*Materials: pen (no calculator!)
Multiple Choice
What chemical reaction is taking place when a dipeptide becomes two amino acids?
A. Condensation
B. Hydrolysis
C. Denaturation
D. Polymerization
-Make study guides (shared google docs?)
-Bio Questions on Quizlet
-Practice DBQs

We recommend 2 classes just to review or to make the study guides for the Exams. Since most our tests resemble the Paper 1, 2, and 3 exam structure, there is no need for Practice exams.
Know all core topics!! Which are:
Topic 1: Statistical Analysis
Topic 2: Cells
Topic 3: The chemistry of Life
Topic 4: Genetics
Topic 5: Ecology and Evolution
Topic 6: Human Health and Physiology
Helpful Resources
Paper 2
-IB Guides
Paper 3
Topics that our school has picked for us to be tested on.
The options for our school are the same for SL and HL students:
Option E: Neurobiology and Behavior
Option G: Ecology and Conservation

Several short answer questions and extended responses
*Materials: pen, calculator

DBQ and several short answers, and extended responses
*Materials: pen, calculator, ruler
6. (a) State four molecules transported by the blood. [4]
(b) Outline the control of the heartbeat. [6]
(c) Discuss the cause, transmission and social implications of AIDS. [8]
Paper 1
1 pt per mult. choice question

Paper 2
1-3 pts depending on the question
Drawings are 1 pt per label w/ the exception of some anatomy (1 pt per 2 labels)
20 pt essay with 3 parts (2 of these essays for HL)

Paper 3
Similar to Paper 2, except with option topics (1-3 pts)
6-8 pt essay (only for HL)
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