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Five Stages Of Grief

English Project

Cole Van Tornhout

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Five Stages Of Grief

Five Stages Of Grief Don't accept the reality of the situation . Denial Deny the truth Tell yourself that this never happened You make deals with your self to forget about the loss Bargaining Promise not to think about the loss Look for a new start. Not reminding your self about the situation. Rachel bottles up and denies her loss This man is in denial of his loss. Trading your loss for something else. Instead of dealing with her emotions, Rachel bargains them by putting them in her "blue bottle." Angry with others. Anger Put frustrations on others. Hating other people for your problems. Blaming innocent bystanders. You always want to be by yourself. Depression Rachel's grandma feels depressed when Nella dies. You experience mood swings. You don't want to talk to anyone. You start to accept the situation. Acceptance You start to fell better about the situation. You move on with your life. Rachel starts to feel acceptance when she can talk about the situation with Brick. Rachel was angry when Lakeisha came to visit.
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