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No description

Sarah Doherty

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Pranks

By: Lainey Pfalzgraph
Sarah Doherty History of Pranks The Greatest Pranksters What was the First Prank? Standard Household Pranks Pranks That Have Caused Damage John Titor The Greatest Pranks in History Nixon's Conductor- Train taken over Adults Office Pranks Worker wanted poster Why People Play Pranks Boredom Multiple prank phone call in 1884 Eggs glued to bottom egg carton High School Prank caused over $15000
Seniors broke into school for prank
27 broken windows, several busted doors What is a prank? -An Amusing trick -Playful or mischievous in nature Undertakers called for allegedly dead people People were all really alive No one knows who it was New York Times Paper Prank Posted Materials Prank- Reginald Bray Staged Volcanic Eruption People Who Play Pranks Most Often Kids and teens 7-25 Adults aren't exempt from these odd Remi Gaillard French Prankster Dresses in costumes to frighten/surprise Widely Known and even met President Revenge Just for fun Baby powder in hair dryer Whoopee Cushion Frog in a mailbox Plastic wrap across door frame Internet directed pranks cause $100,000
Guest pulled fire alarm
Water damage to 8 rooms Man who claimed he time traveled Gave intricate details from year 2036 Disappeared 2001 Add food coloring to colored drink Gaseous candy Imitation scare
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