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American Idea

No description

Troy Ribeiro

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of American Idea

American Idea
Help Wanted
The Danger
A Dual Mission
"The American idea worth striving for is interdependence, recognizing that we need others just as others need us"
"This country extended a welcome to others who not only enriched our economy but strengthened our culture"
By: Alan Wolfe
By: George F. Will
"There are many American ideas pertaining to liberty under a constitutional government of limited, delegated, and enumerated powers"
"any idea is dangerous if it is a person’s only idea. Talk about “the” American idea is dangerous because it often is a precursor to, and an excuse for, the missionary impulse "
By: Amy Gutmann
"The United States is identifiable not by race, ethnicity, or religious affiliation, but rather by two principles that are deeply rooted in our constitutional democracy: taking personal responsibility for one’s success in life, and contributing to the promise of equal freedom and opportunity for all through civic support for constitutional democratic principles"
"Leaving the fate of our democracy in the hands of a diverse and constantly changing American citizenry that is guided by constitutional democratic principles is perhaps the most enduring American idea of all "
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