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Krysta Cady

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of Slavery

What story do the lyrics tell? Describe.
The story that these lyrics tell is the struggles that he went through and that the slaves with him went through the same thing. “ I’ve returned through the door of no return” He’s saying that he came this far and he will not turn back. At the end of the song it says,”but I and I survived.” Steele Pulse went through so much and the lyrics tell us how strong he really was physically and mentally. The lyrics also tells us how these slaves are just literally kidnapped and taken away from everything they knew and owned.
What does the mood of the song tell you about how the artist wants the listeners to think about slavery?
The artist wants the listeners to know that slavery is cruel and unnecessary. They want the listeners to know the hardships they go through and the circumstances their in.
What is the message the artist is trying to convey in this song?
The artist is trying to say that slavery needs to be abolished. Steel Pulse shows the state he was in and he says that he was in years of brutality. The message Steel Pulse conveys is that slavery is unnecessary, brutal, and unfair. "That was the years of brutality
Cannot be wiped away so easily
Although they have removed the chains
They try so hard to wash my brain" He says that he survived but it was hard.

Why is the message of this song still valid today?
This message is valid today because there is still thousands of people today still in slavery. There is still about 30 million people in slavery today.
What other events or experiences does this song make you think about?
This song makes me think about the Holocaust. Both times they were captured, beaten, and forced to work.
What lyrics stand out to you?
"I was that prisoner who was fighting to be free
Free from my enemies who came and capture me"
Who do you think is the intended audience for this song? Explain.
I think the audience for the song is other slaves in captivity. I think that he is singing this song to lift and encourage other slaves to don't let slavery put you down mentally.
Music is a unique way to express your claim because music is universal and everyone can relate to it. Therefore, when the message is portrayed in musical form it appeals to more people.
What is the value of music with historical/political/social messages?
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