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Does a Candle Burn Longer if its Frozen?

My science fair project is to test if a candle placed in the freezer will burn longer than a candle left at room temperature.

Bryan Ebbs

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Does a Candle Burn Longer if its Frozen?

Does a Frozen Candle Burn Longer? My results were that a frozen candle does take longer to get started burning. However the wax cracks due to being frozen, thus making the candle almost unusable. The frozen candles burnt down 1" before going out on their own due to cracks in the wax.
The candles kept at room temperature burnt down 1.5" before being put out in the 30 minute time limit.
In conclusion I believe putting the candles in the freezer rather than in the refrigerator and the amount of time they were left in the freezer effected the outcome of my experiment.
Does a Candle's Temperature Affect its Burn Rate? I wanted to see if placing a candle in the freezer could increase its burn time versus the burn time of a candle kept at room temperature. Austin Ebbs
Grade 6
Mrs. York I wanted to see what effect temperature had on the burn rate of a candle.
I would like to answer the burning question, does a candle put into the freezer before burning burn longer than a candle kept at room temperature.
Hopefully the knowledge gained by doing this experiment will help consumers and candle makers have a better understanding of ways to use and produce their products more efficiently Hypothesis:
I think that placing a candle in the freezer will cause it to burn longer than a candle kept at room temperature because the wax will be colder and it will not burn away as quickly. Purpose 1) Measure the candles to ensure they are all the same length. Also measure
The wick and trim to ¼ inch if necessary.

2) Wrap 3 of the candles loosely in plastic wrap. ( this is done to prevent moisture
From reaching the wick.)

3) Place the wrapped candles in the freezer lying flat for 12 hours. Making
Sure to note the temperature inside the freezer.

4) Place the other 3 candles at room temperature. Check the thermostat to make
Sure that the room temperature is at least 20 degrees higher than the temperature
Inside the refrigerator.

5) After 12 hours remove the candles from the freezer and light them
Immediately. Take care not to handle them to much, this could raise the
Temperature of the wax due to body heat.

6) Allow the candles to burn for 30 minutes.

7) Put the flame out with a candle snuffer. Procedure Helium.com How a candle burns by: Raven LeBeau
In this article I learned in detail the steps in which a candle burns. I also learned it is a perfect combination of chemistry and physics to enable it to do so.
Background Research The Arizona Republic Cold hard fact: Freezing candles won't reduce burn rate by: Clay Thompson
In this article the author gives steps to test this theory. He states that the temperature inside the average freezer and room temperature isn't great enough to make a difference on the candles burn rate. Answers.com>wiki Answers
How will different types of wax in a candle affect its burn rate?
This article showed me that there are a lot of different variables to consider when testing the burn rates. It also included the melting points for the most common waxes used in candle making. Answers.com>Wiki Answers
Do thicker candles burn faster than thin candles?
This article states that the thickness of the wick is most important in burn rate. The burn rate in this article was based on how much candle wax was consumed, not the rate the candle burned downward. Background Research Answers.com>Wiki Answers
Do different candle wicks affect how fast candles burn?
This article claims the the burn rate of a candle has little to do with the wick, that it is in the wax. This article also explains the wick effect and how it is actually the wax that is on fire.

My background research has shown many different dependent and
manipulated variables. Such as, color of wax, candle size, type of wax
used in the candle, scented or unscented, candle shape, also a single wick
or multiple wicks. In doing my research the variables were endless.
Another variable to be considered is how you decide to measure the candles.
In some experiments the candles were weighed before burning and
again after. In others the candles were measured with a standard 12 inch
ruler before and after burning. I will be using a standard ruler for my
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