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My Ideal Day

No description

Agatha Driedger

on 4 May 2015

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Transcript of My Ideal Day

Agatha's Amazingly Amazing Day
Agatha Driedger
April 30, 2015

When I Get...
When I get Downstairs...
Then I go...
With my brother in-law and my family friend, we meet....
When We Are Done...
It is 3pm and I am hungry. So my friends and I head over to Gilligans in Leamington. I order the Chicken Fingers with golden fries and a root beer.

Out of bed, it is 8am. I would love to sleep in, but I have a big day in front of me. I rush into the bathroom and do my normal routine. I brush my teeth/floss, brush my hair, and change into a cute outift. Then I go downstairs.
I go to the kitchen and see that my mom made pancakes with pudding and strawberries. After breakfast, I say goodbye to my family and go to the mall with Brittany. We go shopping for 3 hours, and when we are done, it is 11:30am.
With all of my Supernatural fan-friends to meet: - Jensen Ackles
- Jared Padalecki
- Misha Collins
- Mark Sheppard.
- Ivan Moody - Brent Smith
- Zoltan Bathory - Barry Kerch
- Jason Hook - Eric Bass
- Chris Kael - Zach Myers
- Jeremy Spencer - Nick Perri
- Matt Snell - Jason Todd
- Darrell Roberts - Brad Stewart
- Caleb Bingham
After Breakfast...
I say goodbye to my family and head over to the mall with Brittany. We head into Garage, Urban Planet, Felix, Le Chateau, and many more stores.
After I'm Back Home...
My family is waiting for me there. I have 7 brothers and 3 sisters, but we also include their spouses/boyfriends/girlfriends/kids. So all together there is 20 people.
When We All...
Get into the seperate vehicles, we drive off to the airport. We get to South Carolina in just 1 hour of being on the plane. We all drive to our rented beach house.
After Everyone Is Settled In...
We all go down to the beach and play some volleyball and swim. After that, we go back to the house and since its 7:30pm, we have dinner. We have...
- Pasta
- Strawberry milkshake
- Strawberry cheesecake
Once We Are All Full...
We all turn in for the night and hope that the rest of the week here is great!
When I get up...

When I get downstairs...

After breakfast...

Then I go...

With my brother in- law and my family friend, we meet...

When we are done...

After I'm back home...

When we all...

After everyone is settled in...

Once we are all full...
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