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the London underground

No description

on 6 April 2014

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Transcript of the London underground

London underground
Paddington statue in the station
bear named after station because he was found there in the book
Stations Info
270 stations
first escalator in 1911
longest escalator 60 M
shortest 4.5 M
426 escalators in total
free wifi only for train alerts
Rails info
403 km of rail
55% above ground
divided into 11 tracks
consists of 2 railroads for traveling both ways
no lights in tunnels
no phone signal/wifi in deep tube
sub-surface trains
used in deep tubes
4 too 8 units per train
all trains `electric multiple unit`
ATO: driver does everything
ATC: device which advises speed, auto stop

History of the underground
used as bomb shelter during battle of Britain
Churchill had a office in there
some parts were used as ammunition/plane factory
Paddington [station]
the underground on TV
deep-tube trains

advertised 17*C in 1906
in 2006 temperature 47*c
air 73 times worse the street
animals travel below european standards
Future trains
used for many films and tv series like:
V for Vendetta
Sherlock (Holmes)
Down in the tube station at midnight

Mostly used as a location for horror movies and scary moments
just below surface or on top
6 to 8 units per train
all trains `electric multiple unit`
ATO: driver does everything
ATO: external control
ATC: device which advises speed, auto stops
Fun facts
in call of duty: modern warfare 3 underground map
The TARDIS, (Dr Who’s transport) outside Earl’s Court station
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the headmasters scar is the London underground map
open 24 hours only on new year's day and during the olympic games
filming costs 604€ a hour
animals hidden in the London underground map
The End
deeper tunnels
better trains
first underground rail 1863
first electric train 1890
now part of the London underground limited L.U.L
any questions?

how many different types of trains are there in the network?
Is the most of the network above ground or underground?
is above
why is Paddington named after the station?
in the story he was found in paddington station!
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