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Five Tenets of Transcendentalism

No description

Rebecca Martin

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Five Tenets of Transcendentalism

Five Tenets of Transcendentalism
1. Everything is a reflection of God
People are basically good

People will still sin, but they will repent and most of the time, they will choose to do the right thing

Nature is a special reflection of God
2. Contemplating nature can allow you to transcend the real world
People can get closer to God without Church

Nature is as close as you can get to God

Society keeps people from getting to a higher spiritual level
3. A person's instinct can lead them to understand God's spirit
No special wealth, status, or prior knowledge is needed to understand God

Since people are basically good, their gut instincts will lead them to God
4. Individualism and self-reliance are better than following others
People will make the right choices if given the chance

Government is unnecessary

Questioning tradition is a good thing

People should not depend on money or belongings
5. A person's true feelings and intuition are more valuable than book knowledge
Gives power to all humans, not just to people of status (wealthy, intelligent)

Emotion is more powerful and valuable than reason
Walden Pond
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Henry David Thoreau
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