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Hannah Crowl

on 5 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Almost Home Joan Bauer Setting The setting of this book is mostly in Chicago. Although Reba and Sugar go through homeless shelters, and Reba visits the hospital for a while because of a major breakdown. While Reba was in the hospital, Sugar stayed with Mac and Lexie, where they take in kids for a while. Sugar gets used to being homeless but she feels like there is a sign across her head that says,"HOMELESS GIRL." Sugar and Reba have many ups and downs, but they some how always get through it, and you really do need someone there for you when you're homeless. Main Characters Sugar, Reba, Shush, Mac, and Lexie Sugar Mae Cole is a caring, loving, and responsible girl even though sometimes she doesn’t exactly understand life. Reba Cole is Sugars mom, she is a great mother but when Reba and Sugar go homeless, Reba tries to make a new start in Chicago, even if things get tough she gets Sugar and herself through it. Shush is an adorable dog that is soon to be a great service dog, Shush is a loving puppy that anyone would be lucky to have. Mac is a man that takes care of Sugar while Reba is in the hospital and he shares his love of music with her. Lexie, is Mac’s wife that is a great “mother” to Sugar while Sugar stays at Lexie and Mac’s place. Main Events This is s picture of the dog that was given to Sugar Mae Cole at a grocery store by a little girl. His name was Shush, and he goes on many adventurous journeys with Sugar. He helps Sugar through the ups and the downs. Shush especially helps Sugars mom, Reba when she is feeling angry or down. Sugar loves to write about what's happening in her life to her old teacher, Mr. Bennett. He writes back to sugar and he tries to make the best of every situation. Mr. B, as Sugar calls him, knows a lot about Sugar's family and her past. Sugar seems to trust Mr. B a lot and knows that he will always be there for her. They give each other inspiration and hope through their many letters. Lexie takes Sugar to a bakery down
town, and when Sugar sees all of the choices she almost dies! Sugar decided to get the dark chocolate caramel chew with macadamia nuts and after she took a bite she knew that this was one of her best days in a long time. Main Events Sugar started walking Shush and that
led to her walking other dogs for money. Merlin was one of the dogs that Sugar walked, he died right next to Sugar on the porch. Mr. Cockburn, Merlin's owner was very devastated to see Merlin go but he still paid Sugar with a twenty dollar bill for being such a good girl. Personal Review Personally I love the whole book. There is not one part that I didn't like. My favorite part was when Sugar tried her first bite of the cookie at the bakery. There is not one part in the story that I would have changed. Yes, I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone even if they don't like dogs or sad books. By: Hannah Crowl
Period 7-8
Mrs. Barker- Literacy
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