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the segregation of african americans

No description

Densie Barraza

on 29 March 2016

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Transcript of the segregation of african americans

the segregation of african americans
Jim crow laws
Jim crow laws were created in 1877 which ended reconstruction
Jim crow laws were created to separate "colored" and "whites" in public places
who was Jim crow
daddy rice known as a character he played, Jim crow, was an actor who used black face to play Jim crow and would act foolish and silly on stage. people started started using this offensive character to describe african americans.
who was affected
many african americans were discriminated against they were treated as if they were not equal
1.) schools were separated and white schools were much nicer than black schools.
2.) restaurants, hotels, schools, prisons, bathrooms and fountains were all segregated.
3.) miscegenation was not allowed. Both northern and southern states had laws that banned interracial marriage.
4.) the 15th amendment allowed African americans to vote but between 1871 and 1889most southern states had passed laws that prevented african americans to vote.
separate but equal
civil rights help
civil rights helped fight the the discrimination and inequality
civil rights leaders held protests to achieve equality
a couple of civil rights leaders were martin Luther king jr. a minister, rosa park a women who refused to give up her seat to a white man, and Malcolm x an american muslim minister
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