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The Hydrophobic Phone

No description

Grace Johns

on 10 July 2014

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Transcript of The Hydrophobic Phone

The HELIX-nano Phone
Water Resistant
super hydrophobic (fears water)
the coating of Ultra-Ever Dry helps protect the phone from liquids such as water, coffee, etc.
Cutting Edge Battery System
the phone comes with two rechargeable batteries that can be removed and charged when not in use
because of nanotechnology, the smaller, lighter batteries are able to hold the same amount of power as regular phone batteries
Graphene Wires
the graphene wires provide faster charging and syncing with your computer
cord is sturdily attached to the connector to make it extra durable
The New and Improved Phone
doesn't need a cover because it's made out of super-strong nanotubes
no-scratch screen
water resistant-- super hydrophobic!
cutting-edge battery system
uses graphene wires for faster charging
durable parts that don't break easily
Designed by:
biomimicry- "mimicking" nature
scientists copied the lotus leaf when making waterproof nanotechnology
instead of being absorbed, the water rolls off the leaf
carbon nanotubes make up the exterior of the phone, providing a super-strong structure that is not easily broken
the screen is protected by an invisible nanotechnology screen protector
Nano Screen Guard
the device in this picture had been scratched with a key, screws, and an iron stick
as you can see, the nano screen guard protects much better than the traditional film protector
What is Graphene?
graphene is carbon in a thin, transparent sheet, one atom thick
it is an excellent conductor and is very strong and very lightweight
scientists discovered graphene when they were playing with pencil lead and scotch tape
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