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EAPP I Presentation Prezi

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Poon Sing Chau

on 25 October 2014

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Transcript of EAPP I Presentation Prezi

Ao Shu Yang, Also 10558196
Chan Wing Yan, Joy 10555674
Chung King Mo, Mo 10555726
Li Cai Ying, Chailyn 10558238
Susan Liu Lu, 10558247
Poon Sing Chau,Antipas 10550085

Class: 31
Lecturer: Joyce Linda Boon

English for Academic and Professional Purpose Part I
Assignment 3 – Oral Presentation
Coffee and Human

Have you ever encounter a situation that you love a specific type of coffee but you just don’t know the reason other than “Tasty”?
Presented By:
Q and A Section
Advantage of Coffee
Disadvantage of Coffee
Coffee and Health
Coffee and Teenagers
Consumer preference of instant coffee
Coffee Producer’s character of fair trade
Antipas Poon
Chailyn Li
Also Ao
Joy Chan
Mo Chung
Susan Liu

Raise the effectiveness of work
Sport players will have better performance
Raise the time of urination
Three major advantages (Juliet 316)
Advantage Of Coffee by Juliet
Promotion could be add

Attention on the amount of coffee
Disadvantage of coffee
by Nina Nelson
What is the main composition of coffee

Coffee is not good for cardiovascular health

Drinking coffee can cause Parkinson’s Disease
Main Consumption

Not good for healthy lifestyles and habits

Little chance to get heart diseases (unethical)

May cause Parkinson’s Disease
Coffee and Health by Gary
Curb cancer risk
Say no to stroke
Defend against diabetes
Deter death from heart disease
Guard against gout
Avoid Alzheimer & Protect Parkinson(degenerative diseases)
5 cups
of coffee / day
4-7 cups

of coffee / day
6 cups
of coffee / day
4 cups

of coffee / day

3-5 cups

of coffee / day
Coffee and Teenagers
Video clip:
Inadequate labeling requirements
overlook caffeine’s harmful effects
Concern about the coffee sold to teenagers

Strict regulations

Draft a new legislation in this area
Sensory Properties

Aroma (smell)

Flavour (taste)
Pure coffee
Pure coffee
Chicory extract
Coffee blend
Classification of
Instant Coffee
Coffee blend
Coffee Producer character of
fair trade by Laura
Factor affect coffee producer of fair trade
(Laura 14,15)
socio-cultural factors
socio-economic factors
ecological factors
The Fair Trade
coffee networks
in society
People support
the fair trade
different Tradition
in different system
of society
socio-cultural factors
degree of difficulty is different
between countries
Coffee producer should be fairly treated

Coffee is good but we should not drink too much

People's preference focus on the taste more than the use of coffee
Work Cited
Geel, L., M. Kinnear., H.L. de Kock., “Relating Consumer Preferences to Sensory Attributes of Instant Coffee.” Food Quality and Preference 16.3 (2005): 237-244. ScienceDirect. Web. 16 Apr. 2013.
Gray Juliet., “Caffeine, coffee and health.” Nutrition & Food Science 98.6 (1998): 314-319. Print.
Hébert Paul C., Matthew Stanbrook., Noni MacDonald. “Caffenating children and youth.” Canadian Medical Association Journal 182.15 (2010): 1597. Print.
Raynolds Laura T. “Factors Shaping Successful Participation in Fair Trade.” Poverty Alleviation Through Participation in Fair Trade Coffee Networks: Existing Research and Critical Issues. olorado State University. Mar. 2002. Web. 14 Apr. 2013.<http://are.berkeley.edu/courses/EEP131/fall2007/Fairtrade/Raynolds.pdf>
Nina Nelson., “Coffee: Health Drink or Health Hazard?” Papers written by students providing scientific reviews of topics related to health and well being. Vanderbilt University.24 Sep.2007 <http://healthpsych.psy.vanderbilt.edu/Web2007/CoffeeHealth.htm>
Gary E. Foresman."Coffee and health" Middle Path Medicine. Web. 5 Apr. 2013. <hstrial-gforesman.homestead.com/ArticlesandOublications/ArticlesA-E.html>
Thank You for your listening!!!
Do you have any question want to ask us???
Joy Chan
Chailyn Li
I believe most of you have tried different kind of coffee, but have you ever think of the impact of coffee on different side?
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