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Becky G.

No description

Stephanie Garcia

on 7 October 2014

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Transcript of Becky G.

Rebbeca Marie Gomez
Birthdate and Birthplace
~ March 2, 1997
~ Inglewood California, USA
Becky G.
~Alexander Gomez (dad)
~Alessandra Gomez (mom)
~ Oldest of four children

~Teen Choice Awards 2014
~Radio Disney Awards for "Best New Artsist"
Charities and Funraisers
~Crossfit Redzone Sandy Hook Elementary Victim Relief
~Amount Raised:
$65,215 which is 65%
of $10,000 Goal
Movies and Songs
~La Estacion de la Calle Olvera
~El Tux
~Becky From The Block
~Play it Again
~Can't Get Enough
~Hotel Translyvania- Monster which is a Remix of Problem by Becky G.
~She went Oak Elementary School
~She lived in her Grandpa's garage for two years
When She Began To Rap
~She started experimenting with rap at the age 12
~She is featured on Ke$ha's 2012 remix to her song "Die Young" as well as Cody Simpson's 2012 hit single "Wish U Were Here."
Fun facts
~She loves hot sauce,that she can eat it by itself without any food her favorite kind is Cholula
~She loves Minnie Mouse so much that she dressed up like her in Halloween
~Her favorite number is 3
More Fun Facts
~Besides singing she also loves fashion and hopes that one day she will have a fashion line
~She doesn't have a liscense yet
~She bits her nails alot when she gets nervous
~She is Cover Girl
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This is Rebbeca
Marie Gomez
Full transcript