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Career and personality presentation

No description

Elyse Graham

on 28 October 2015

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Transcript of Career and personality presentation

Personality Type
The computer gave me an INTJ personality type. This stands for introvert, intuitive, thinking, and judging. Most people with the INTJ personality tend to avoid crowds, making them independent, have confidence in their own thoughts and feelings, and they know what they do and do not know. Also, they are often times perfectionists and very ambitious, wanting to understand things and ideas fully.
When I took the career tests, the computer matched me with many science and engineering careers, but were majority health and medical jobs. The ones that I matched best were positions like surgeons, physical therapists, registered nurses, nurse physicians, or nurse practitioners. There were also jobs in the education field like psychology teachers and health specialties teachers, but they were not as
I agree with most of the jobs that the computer matched me with, but not all of them. I agree with the health science and medical jobs because I have always been interested in and excelled in biology classes, mainly anatomy and health science. What I didn't agree with was the matching to the education field. Even though I enjoy being around kids, I have never been very interested in teaching and have never enjoyed school that much,
so I doubt I would enjoy teaching, either.
When I researched careers, I researched both physical therapists and surgeons, because there are not many colleges that offer necessary courses to become a physical therapist. I found that Colombia University offers a pre-med program that is well respected and also offers most of the necessary classes to become a successful surgeon, but doesn't offer any of the preferred courses to become a physical therapist. It
is also very hard to get into and expensive, so it
may or may not be the right choice
depending on what career I go on to.
Personality Type
For the most part, I agree with this personality type, because I am very shy, tend to care a lot about my school work, and I have had many people call me a perfectionist. I am also pretty independent in most things that I do. The only thing I do not agree with is the "n" (intuition) part. The computer said there was not a large difference between my preference of intuition vs. sensing, and I think I could be more
on the sensing side.
Career and personality presentation
Elyse Graham
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