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A "Good Ole" Spanking is Good for A Child

No description

Briana Orozco

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of A "Good Ole" Spanking is Good for A Child

A "Good Ole" Spanking is Good for A Child
To Spank or not to spank?
PRO: Lessons Taught
RESPECT for parents
Behavior isn't accepted
CON: Hitting is Okay
Violence is okay
Hitting people younger then them
Accountable for Actions or NOT?
PRO: Teach responsibility
CON: No responsibility
Why is it important to take responsibility?
Spanking a child...
Can teach them a lesson
Can teach them to be accountable for their actions
When and who should spank the child

Knowing the PROS and CONS
Disciplining your children
*Study done by Marjorie Gunnoe
Why Can This Help You?
Teach a lesson Teach hitting is okay
Teach to be accountable Not accountable for actions
When and who Parents take it too far
When and Who? How Far is TOO Far?
What age?
Both parents discipline
PRO: If the child is in danger
A. Pregnancy
B. Drop out
C. Criminal Activity
CON: Cases of abuse with parents
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