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Copy of Converting Units of Length

No description

Edser Renos

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Converting Units of Length

Metric System Converting Units
of Length Ladder Method Word Problem One week while he was training for a marathon, Eric ran a total of 131 kilometers.
How many meters did he run?
If he ran every day of the week, how many meters on average did he run each day? Objectives:
Change measures of length from one unit to another
Compare measurements express in different units
Determine an appropriate unit of measurement for a given dimension
Identify situations where knowledge of converting units of length could be applied Try these conversions on your own. 1. 2000 mm = _______ m
2. 5 m = _______ cm
3. 16 cm = _______ mm
4. 104 km = _______ m
5. 198 m = _______ km Think-Pair-Share 1. 63 cm _____ 6 m
2. 5 m _____ 508 mm
3. 1,500 m _____ 1.5 km What do you think is the appropriate unit for the following? Second Year Math
Mr. Edser Reños Compare using <, >, or =. 1. Distance from Luneta to La Salle Green Hills

2. Length of a classroom

3. Width of your ID Synthesis 1. How do we convert a small unit into a larger unit?
2. How do we convert a large unit into a smaller unit?
3. Why is it important to determine the appropriate unit for a certain measure?
4. Where do you think we can apply conversion of units?
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