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The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

No description

James Kim

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

. The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian Character Analysis Junior (Arnold)
Impoverished young adolescent who observes a sense of restriction while living on his ancestral lands
Struggles to find his proper identity

Junior's closest friend on the reservation
His robust attitude allows him to serve as a sentinel for Junior.

Mr. P
Junior's mathematics teacher; Demonstrates the idea of hope for Junior The "Rez.": Home of the Undestined Nothing short of hopeless
90% of the rez Indians die from booze.
Junior and his family are filthy poor.
Give treatment to shoot dog, Oscar, out of misery
"Sleep is the only thing [they] have for dinner" (8).
Junior transfers to Reardan High School in a rich white neighborhood.

problems: relationships, identity, poverty, discrimination Reardan & Influence of Setting The land of the "...beautiful, smart, and epic."
Reardan is a prospering community; The rez is an indigent society...Junior, as a resident of the reservation, thinks of his society as deprived of living standards and thus he wants to escape to Reardan(which Junior sees as prosperous)

"'Arnold,' she said one day after school, 'I hate this little town. It's so small, too small. Everything about it is small. The people here have small ideas. Small dreams. They all want to marry each other and live here forever'" (111).
The kids of Reardan think of the same of their own community(that it is still not the "utopian" place they seek).

This pattern of not being satisfied and continuously seeking outward is evident throughout the novel. A place that is flourishing to one may be deprived to another... Themes in Context : Hope "I was starting understand. He was a math teacher. I had to add my hope to somebody else's hope. I had to multiply hope by hope. Where is hope? I asked. Who has hope?" Son, Mr. P said. "You're going to find more and more hope the farther and farther you walk away from this sad, sad, sad reservation" (43).

He "always [feels] like a stranger [in both places]. [He was] half Indian in one place and half white in the other" (118).

identity vs. culture.
Discriminated as a traitor in his home, faces troubles from poverty, personal relationships. Recommendations People who are troubled in any situation who need a hand in reaching for hope, perseverance, and resilience like Arnold.
Adolescents seeking mature humor Themes in Context: Identity in Society "I suddenly wanted to apologize to Rowdy, to all of the other Spokanes. I was suddenly ashamed that I'd wanted so badly to take revenge on them. I was suddenly ashamed of my anger, my rage, and my pain. I jumped off my white teammates' shoulders and dashed into the locker room. I ran into the bathroom, into a toilet stall, and threw up. And then I wept like a baby. Coach and my teammates thought I was crying tears of happiness. But I wasn't. I was crying tears of shame" (196).

The House on Mango Street Connections "Junior...I mean, I mean Arnold Smith..." "‘I am zero on the rez. And if you subtract zero from zero, you still have zero’" (16). Residents of the reservation follow traditional lifestyle in a modern world
Begin the day at dawn; End the day at sunset
Carry no goals in life and do not abide by any plans or schedule "Rowdy and I played one-on-one for hours. We played until dark. We played until the streetlights lit up the court. We played until the moon was huge and golden and perfect in the dark sky. we didn't keep score" (230). Comics
Throughout the book, Arnold expresses himself by drawing comics.

The geometry book that Arnold throws stands for poverty and low promise in the rez.

Highly respected and loved on the rez, Junior's grandmother gets killed by a drunk driver while she has never had a sip of alcohol.

Small paragraphs
Gives access to a lot of Arnold's thoughts Author's Style YA Fiction
BEFORE reading: immaturity, coming of age
Explores problems involving friendships and relationships with both worlds. Genre Junior accepts himself belonging in two distinct worlds

Perseverance allows to pass through difficult changes and receive merit Conclusion Interpretations Never to lose perseverance and resilience

Gratefulness By Sherman Alexie; Project by James and Parm.
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