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Basic Terms


Ube Good

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Basic Terms

title Basic Terms CPU The computer’s “brain” that controls the interaction between hardware and software. Database A collection of information stored in computerized form. Desktop The background on your screen when using Windows. Ergonomics The way people sit at and use a computer to avoid injury. Mouse A pointing device that is used to move the pointed/cursor and perform tasks. Icon A small picture on the screen that represent files or computer applications. Menu A displayed list of commands or options from which to choose. Multimedia A computer presentation that involves other forms of technology such as photos, videos, animation, etc. Monitor Computer hardware with a screen that displays the documents you open or create. Hardware Computer parts that you can see and touch. Netiquette Proper conduct on the internet. Surfing Another term for "cursing" or exploring the Internet. Troubleshooting Solving computer malfunctions. AUP Rules that a user must agree to follow before they are allowed to use a product or service. Punctual The quality or habit of being on time. Responsible Answerable for an act performed or for its consequences. Integrity Related to a moral or ethical code. Crash A term indicating what happens when a computer stops working suddenly or the system breaks down. Spreadsheet Program for financial or related information processing composed on rows and columns. Software Instructions used by a computer to operate its hardware or perform tasks such as word processing. Operating System A group of programs that help a computer function smoothly. Password A secret word used to gain access to information. A device that receives output from a computer. Output Device Name that a person uses to login. Username gggg mghghgyhhh
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