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"The Great Gatsby" Lesson Plan: Understanding the Character

No description

Jodi Brown

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of "The Great Gatsby" Lesson Plan: Understanding the Character

Characterization video
Write 'Character' on the board; what makes a character? Introduce STEAL concept
Students use markers to answer question
"The Great Gatsby" Lesson Plan: Understanding the Character
Age/Grade Level
Grades 9-12
Expected Outcomes
At the end of this lesson, students will be able to write a narrative essay using character analysis
Watch the grabber: Characterization video and 'What makes a character'/STEAL
Define vocabulary: indirect/direct characterization, character analysis, protagonist, antagonist, minor/major character, static/dynamic character, narrative
Read "The Great Gatsby" (notes/questions)
Watch "The Great Gatsby" Crash Course English 1&2 (notes/questions)
Create character analysis worksheet copies
Analyze characters with worksheets and create sample narratives
Gather some pictures of the characters
Watch "The Great Gatsby and compare
Characterization video grabber
"The Great Gatsby" books
"The Great Gatsby" Crash Course English 1&2 video
'Defining Characterization' worksheet
'Character Analysis worksheet'
Character Map
Finished character worksheets
Finished sample narratives
Character pictures
"The Great Gatsby" Movie
After completing this lesson, students will be able to:
Write a narrative version of a character, with appropriate plot characteristics of the genre
Identify and trace the development of the character in the literature from beginning to end
Define basic literary terms and apply them to "The Great Gatsby"
Create a detailed picture based on the description given in the literature
Learn to work cooperatively with other students to pool data and draw conclusions through formulation of questions, listening and response skills, and note-taking
Demonstrate the ability to present thoughtful and well-documented conclusions in a formal paper

Amount of time
40 to 50 minutes
Define vocabulary
Read "The Great Gatsby"
Watch "The Great Gatsby Crash Course English 1&2 video
Students will do 'Defining Characterization' worksheet
Students will do 'Character Analysis' worksheet
Access Character Map for each character together
Show sample narratives
Show sample pictures
Students will produce their own narratives
Students will produce their own character pictures
Watch "The Great Gatsby"
Students will be accessed through worksheets, group discussions, essays and pictures
After school groups will meet if necessary
"The Great Gatsby will be finished outside of class
Worksheets will be finished outside of class
Essay will be produced outside of class
Pictures will be completed outside of class
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