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Summary of Marketing Insights & Big Data Event

This is a summary of the workshops I followed. In general: a very interesting and inspiring event! FYI: the nr of stars gives an indication of my general appreciation of the workshop.

Elke Vijverman

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of Summary of Marketing Insights & Big Data Event

Getting grip on Big Data to
make Tweakers website of the
year 2015
- Vincent Pijpers (Tweakers) & Ralf Haberich (Webtrekk)
Big Data offers
big opportunities !
- Jaap Wieringa (Customer Insights
Center Rijksuniversiteit Groningen)
Turn Big Data into
Big Business

"The psychology of the marketeer"

Too many organisations look the same
-> hard to differentiate
-> do in depth interviews with clients and discover things you did not see
"Why a tablet is not mobile commerce"
Jeroen Tjepkema (Meausureworks)
& Maurice Jongerius (bol.com)
Key note 5 Feb
"Music & the flow of enthusiasm!"
"Enthousiasm is a trilogy":
Utrecht, 5 & 6 Feb '14
my summary
Elke Vijverman

98% postal mailing: unopened thrown away
Break, burn or ban the Box!
- Mark Raben SAP Nederland BV
Implement your ideas and learn from it
Watch out with focus groups: 2 is a crowd!
Give yourself a good reason to overcome your fear
- Jelmer van der Meulen & Martijn Vincke
- Rijn Vogelaar
1. Find your flame:
What do I want to be? Did I achieved this? e.g. Raymond Cloostermans - CEO Rituals
2. Follow the flame:
Find people that share the same "flame"
3. Forecast the flood:
Involve your fans/Super promotors/ your "Torchbearers"
Fired up,
ready to go!
in other words:
US: shopping journey starts:
- 65% on smartphone
- 25% pc
- 11% on tablet
Bol.com: success story
(when customer needs arises)
Max adapted to personal preferences
Max choice in product & price
Tablet is not equal to mobile -> Different KPI's (search/browse/order value/unit per order) -> KPI for tablet has more in common with laptop than with mobile
Smartphone: 23% wanders, 77% searches focused
Mobile context: search suggestions are key
Make mobile part of the customer journey
B.I. = Sales intelligence + web intelligence (google analytics) + customer intelligence (know your customer) + marketing intelligence (campaigns, market research)
Collecting data is easy, Connecting data not.
Not all data becomes useful info. Do really need that data? What will you do with it?
- Data between people
- Data between people & machines
- Data between machines
- Mix of structured (eg database) & unstructured (eg audio/video/ppt/...)data

How does this create value to companies?
Big data = big problems? or big opportunties?
eg Netflix: capable to predict what people will watch
eg Airbnb: data to improve experience, identify suspicious booking -> nerds.airbnb.com
What companies are succesful in using Big data? Those who use more & more frequent unstructured data.
HBR (Oct '12): "Data scientist the sexiest job in '12"
New challenges for companies:
- how visualize volume?
- where to start?
- how analyse & react fast?
New challenges for research:
- What is the effect of social media (on stock market)?
- Which channels has most effect? When? Combined with?
Overload on data, useful for different parties
eg running -> sports shop knows when you need new pair of shoes
Customer journey mapping: how relate this to technology ? Storyboarding / Personas (cf Go'Spresso case)
Heat map of the shop: possible to check real time ROI of promotions
The LinkedIn Digital Economic Blueprint
- Marcel Molenaar (LinkedIn Benelux)
(Keynote evening day 1)
Netherlands : highest penetration of LI profiles of Master Students
Extra service for universities: track where your alumni are working
Insights for selling: empower your network -> all colleagues should be connected -> size of network
grows incrementally
Target with accuracy: -> "authentic" data: filled out by owners of the data
E.g. Cathay Pacific: log in from which continent?
- Cyriel Kortleven
you focus on 1 thing & does not the changing context
"Yes but..." -> Ideakiller. Try 3 min to react with "Yes and...!"
"Out of the box" or "out of business"?
e.g. branded taxi lab = mobile market research.
Bent u al marketeer 3.0?
- Laura Hamer (Ulysses Consulting BV)
"Innovation is the ability to convert ideas into invoices"
Make sure you'll be found online. Google loves Blogs!
Ideas for content: whitepaper, checklist,...
Stop selling! Start helping purchasing!
Who is your customer? Create Buying Persona's!
Create dashboards (hubspot)
Inbound marketing = Marketing 3.0, everything interconnected
Social wisdom; social media als basis van commercieel succes
- Patrick Kerssemakers (Fonq.nl) & Ayman van Bregt (Game Changers)
3 Trends:
- Devices = seamless journey
- Switch offline & online retail
- Price erosion
E.g. Fonq.nl : authenticity, emotional commerce
-> Inspirational mail, 2x more clicks compared to
promo mail. Social media = source of social wisdom. cf Twitter api. Who are the influencers? Netwerk analysis! Collaborate!

COBRAs: het managen van consumer
participation op social media
- Peeter Verlegh & Daan Muntinga (SWOCC, University Amsterdam)
As marketeer, you can:
1. Measure, observe what consumers share & say
2. Facilitate, make info available. Make place for reviews, Starburcks Idea
3. Influence what people say. Give them conversation starters!
4. Stimulate interaction between consumers.
COBRA = Consumers Online Brand Related Activities
WHY? Intrinsic vs Extrinsic motivation
From Hype To Reality: Targetting Success in Data Driven Marketing.
- John Graeme Noseworthy
(Strategic Messaging Director IBM)
Final keynote
2 Challenges :
- How to use data to create value for customers?
- How to deliver data that create value for customers?
Discover insights, deliver relevance
Big data =
- right message -> optimize content
- right person -> do we understand our audience
- right timing -> which channel?
- right price -> yield
How to get started?
Educate - Explore - Engage - Execute!
- Understand customers as individuals!
- Create a system of engagement that maximizes value at every touch
- Design culture & brand -> be authentic!
Global CMO study by IBM (2011):
What keeps you up at night?
1. Overload Data
2. Use Social Media
3. Integration Channels & Devices
4. Behavioural patterns,
shifting demographics
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