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Quality Adjective (dressup)

How to use the Quality Adjective Dressup

Benjamin Fugitt

on 12 September 2016

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Transcript of Quality Adjective (dressup)

Quality Adjectives
and how to use them
in your paragraphs.
Quality Adjectives make your writing more
A word that describes a
(a noun is a person, place or thing)
Quality Adjective
An Adjective which is

and adds something
to your writing
Example of an adjective (not quality):

She rode on an
(OLD describes the firetruck.)
Example of a Quality Adjective:

She rode on a

means run down and broken. It is a more interesting word than 'old'.)
Where Do You Find
Quality Adjectives?
Look in the
Look up a word you know to get some ideas about other words that are similar.
Do not use words you do not know the meaning of.
Use your
Literature Book
If you find an interesting ADJECTIVE in your book, write it down to use later. But remember...
Now let's try it all together.

Write a sentence about a
goat that uses a non-quality adjective...

Then write a sentence about a goat that uses a quality adjective.
The goat was very NICE.
(how sad... it's not a quality adjective)
The frolicsome goat pranced among the hills.

(do you know what frolicsome means? it means playful and active)
Try this on your own.
Use a QUALITY ADJECTIVE in a sentence about each of the following topics:

fancy shoes
mean animals
sea cucumbers
glow-in-the-dark pants
When you are writing
sentences, paragraphs, stories

If you use a Quality Adjective, always write
in the margin.
your Quality Adjective so we know where to find it.
Good Job!
Now you know how to use Quality Adjectives to make your writing interesting, exciting and not nearly so bad!

Set up your composition book:


Quality Adjective Practice
In your
Vocab Book
If it says
next to the vocab word, then it is a Quality Adjective.

Make sure you read the definition carefully so you are sure to use the word correctly.
Don't always use the same adjectives.
' is a nice word, but if I read it frequently in your writing, you will lose points.
If you
your quality adjectives, you're not really trying that hard.
Here are some interesting adjectives to think about.
Write a short sentence that uses one word from each screen.
Extra QA practice:

Use a separate piece of lined paper.

Make a list of 15 Quality Adjectives. Skip lines.
Each one must begin with a different letter. Don't copy the words used by others at your table.
Make your list in alphabetical order.
Next to each word, write a sentence that uses the Quality Adjectives correctly.

1. Arduous - The hero followed the
path left by the villains.
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