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Lucy Fursdon

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of Festivals

How do people contribute to the festivals in Melbourne?

Which festivals have been around the longest?

Which is the oldest?
Melbourne International Film Festival. (MIFF) is an annual film festival held over three weeks in Melbourne, Australia.
Founded in 1952
It's one of the oldest film festivals in the world.

what are some of the genres of festivals in Melbourne?
why those festivals are well known by people?
Christmas, new years day, Easter and Halloween are celebrated all over the world.
Most workers on Christmas and new years have days off to stay with family.
how are festivals organized in Melbourne?
People who wish to hold a festival
go through the council, ask to block off streets or roads, or go to a place like Federation Square or the gardens,
And ask to hold a festival there and use that area for it.
Advertisements can be done by dropping leaflets, TV ads, billboards, signs in or on public transport or by conversation.

why are festivals so important to people in different cultures in Melbourne?
Festivals involve: food, music and different types of dance from different countries
helps people who originate from that country to remember their culture.
offers education to learn about different cultures and to have fun and enjoy themselves.
Melbourne cup is for everyone to see.
dresses look extravagant, usually the same with men's clothing, they look like they are from a different age.
Christmas and new year are a well known.
they involve different cultures and people
Music / Classical Music
Visual arts
Some well known festivals:
New years day
Melbourne cup

why do different people go to different festivals?
Festivals have music, food, etc from different cultures and are fun to attend and experience other's cultures.
It depends on where you come from and what you like.
what free festivals
are there in which people can enjoy?
New Year
White Night
which festivals are the most popular in Melbourne?
The Melbourne Queer Film Festival (also known as MQFF) invites submissions to its 25th Film Festival in 2015.
- One of the most popular festivals in Melbourne.
- Screens over 150 features, short movies, documentaries and experimental films from Australia and the world in 11 days.
-Known as the largest, oldest and one of the most successful film festivals.
-Screens at 3 premier venues. Includes The State of the Art Australia center of the Moving Image
-Audiences over 15,000.
-Over $8,000 cash prize pool for various awards.
-Popular with the gay, lesbian and straight
-Many people appreciate the movies and it enjoy it to the fullest.

By Lucy, Iremar, Chloe, Shendi, Eloise and Maeesha
Obscure and Obvious
We did a box of Obscure and Obvious
How do people contribute to the festivals in Melbourne?
- We contribute by becoming aware of a new culture, paying fees and having fun
- People who organize are happy to know others attended and enjoyed themselves
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