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Ruth: An Israelite Foreigner with a Great Destiny

No description

mckenzie downey

on 10 May 2011

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Transcript of Ruth: An Israelite Foreigner with a Great Destiny

Ruth: An Israelite Foreigner with a Great Destiny The Theme Foreign women could become devoted members of the Israelites.
- Hannah Told by storytellers who came to:
-Towns Final written version was made after the exile - Ruth’s pledges herself to Naomi and God
- Ruth is a covenant with God of Israel - Ruth is the great- grandma to King David.
- Boaz clears the right to marry Ruth
- Ruth Bears a Son named Obed.
- Obed is the father of Jesse, who becomes the father of David, King of Israel. The purpose was to teach that God could make blessed endings out of bad situations. Destitution and Generosity - Naomi and Ruth are widows, and they face destitution when they get back to Israel.
- It's time for the barley harvest, and Ruth decides to glean the field.
- Rachel - Gleaning means gathering the grand left by those who reap, or cut down the stalks of, the field.
- She goes to the field, and a farmer name Boaz is there, and is distantly related to Ruth because of her marriage to Naomi's son. - He invited Ruth to glean in in his field, and she is overwhelmed by his kindness.
- When Naomi hears about Boaz helping Ruth, she has hope for Ruth's future. - Ruth and Naomi are examples of "the poor and the alien" of whom the prophetic and wisdoms speak.
- Gleaning is not a theft or begging, it's law to let it be left for the poor.
Naomi's husband died and she had to raise both children. When the children get older they married Oprah and Ruth. But not long both of Naomi's sons died and the Oprah and Ruth became widows. Family Tree

Naomi and her husband
Two sons
Marry Orpah and Ruth

- Brooke - Naomi sees the good things God has given
- She tells Ruth to get cleaned up and to dress in her best clothes
- Then she has to go where Boaz lies - Boaz awakes to find Ruth
- When Ruth tells Naomi what happened, she assures Ruth that Boaz with not rest until he has settled the matter
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