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Fitness Testing for Sport & Exercise

Heart Rate & BMI

Dafydd James

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Fitness Testing for Sport & Exercise

Health Monitoring Tests - Heart Rate & BMI Re-Cap Personal Details Topics Physical Activity History
Current PA levels
Personal Training Goals
Alcohol Consumption
Stress Levels
Dietary Habits Health Monitoring Tests What do you need to consider when delivering these tests? Fitness Testing for Sport and Exercise Age
Medical History (Medication)
Emergency Contact (NOK)
Doctor's Details Heart Rate BMI Measured manually via radial artery in the wrist - beats per min (bpm) Avergare Resting HR: Male: 68bpm Female: 72bpm Heart Rate Males generally have a larger heart than females, which can pump a greater volume of oxygenated blood around the body. Therefore the average resting heart rate for a male is lower compared to females A High Resting HR is referred to as 'Tachycardia'
Greater than - 100bpm Used to determine to what degree someone is overweight BMI Does not take into account an individual's frame size or muscle mass
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