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Make a Perfect Prezi

No description

Nev Bauman

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of Make a Perfect Prezi

Make a Perfect Prezi
Presentations that move
Step 1: Get a Prezi Account
Use an Email address that you can access from school .
Step 2: Click New Prezi
3: Choose your template
Choose a template that suits your topic. Click "More" for more choice or make your own using pictures from Image Quest.
4:Organize your research
Choose relevant subtopics. Think one paragraph at a time.
5: Find Royalty Free Images
Use ImageQuest or Microsoft Word Clip Art to make your Prezi more attractive. Use insert (above) to add images.
6:Prezi saves automatically
Click exit to close and save.
7: Click Edit to Continue
Your Prezi is saved in your online account under Your Prezis.
8:Use MPCLibrary.ca
Find quick access to all library resources.
Use the Frames & Arrows button on the task bar to add a bracket like this.
Make sure you have a public account!
Add a detour with an arrow and a bracket.
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