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Change or Die!

Recent Findings on Change: Alan Deutschman (Collins, 2007)

Patrick Mayfield

on 15 February 2017

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Transcript of Change or Die!

Change or Die!
Root causes
haven't changed
of health crisis
for decades ...
the medical establishment
couldn't figure out what
to do about it.
Dr Ralph Levey
"They're sick because of how
they choose to live their lives."
Dr Edward Miller
Dean of the Medical School
and CEO of the Hospital,
John Hopkins University
Heart Patients
The central issue is never strategy, structure, culture or systems.
The core of the matter is always about

changing the behaviour of people.
John Kotter
Harvard Business School
University of California, San Francisco & founder of the Preventative Medicine Research Centre, Sausalito
Dr Dean Ornish
333 patients
twice-weekly support groups
Took instruction in meditation, relaxation, yoga and aerobic exercise
after 3 years ...
had stuck with the lifestyle
Framing Change
Fear of Dying?
"Who wants to live longer when you are in chronic emotional pain?"
"Telling people who are lonely and depressed that they're going to live longer if they quit smoking or change their diet and lifestyle is not that motivating,"
Source: Alan Deutschmann (Collins, 2007)
What does this have to say to us about achieving lasting better change ...
... in our organisations?
... in our teams?
... in ourselves?
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