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Energy of the Future: Biodiesel

No description

Diana He

on 20 September 2010

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Transcript of Energy of the Future: Biodiesel

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H Biodiesel
What is it? Common Definition: A sustainable fuel substitute for diesel fuel made from vegetable oils

Chemical Definition: Fatty acid alkyl esters
So if Biodiesel is so much better... What exactly is it made of? So what are the advantages of Biodiesel? cleaner sustainable affordable The use of biodiesel in a diesel engine has a substantial reduction of unburned hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and particulate matter compared to emissions from diesel fuel. Fossil fuels are very limited and are only produced over millions of years. Because about 62% of our oil is imported, we are dependant upon
foreign countries for our energy. What's the point of relying on an energy source that we know is rapidly diminishing? Biodiesel is made from farming crops and therefore is sustainable and domestic. Because biodiesel is less expensive to make and produce... and can be made and produced within the U.S.... it can be sold back to consumers at a much lower price. And how is it made? Energy of the Future 95% - 99% Vegetable Oil NaOH Catalyst:a substance that accelerates a chemical
reaction without affecting the reaction itself (Sodium Hydroxide) + And why use it? H
H Methanol Biodiesel All of which are very harmful the environment and your health. Fuel Cells Polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cells
convert chemical energy in hydrogen and
oxygen gasses directly to electrical energy
utilizing a catalyst.
Advantages What is a Fuel Cell? Sustainable Cleaner PEM Fuel Cells are powered by hydrogen and oxygen. Both are simple gases that are fairly easy to harness. The only products are water, heat and electricity. All of which are harmless to the environment. Research Findings: Biodiesel Processing
Biodiesel was successfully made from both soybean and corn oil.
The density of the biodiesel is less than that of the parent oil.
A sample of each type of biodiesel completely dissolved in 30 mL of methanol, indicating all glycerol had been removed.
The washed biodiesel product from the soybean parent oil contained an additional immiscible layer of white, waxy looking substance that was absent in the biodiesel from the corn parent.
The gel points of both soy and corn biodiesel are just a few degrees below zero Celsius.
Insights Gained: Biodiesel Processing

The devised recipes are highly effective at converting the triglycerides to fatty acid methyl esters (biodiesel).

Biodiesel neither from soy nor corn would be suitable for use in vehicles during sub-zero climate temperatures; more research is needed to achieve a winter ready biodiesel.
Given the similar fatty acid distribution for corn and soybean oils, the absence of the white waxy material in the corn oil biodiesel product is most likely due to the variation in the specific triglycerides constituting each.
How does a fuel cell work? light source electrolyzer fuel cell current/voltage measurement box

UV Light did not cause any current to flow even after 20 minutes.

The rate of rise in current was inversely proportional to distance from light source.

The rate of rise in current seemed to quicken at an angle (45 degrees) for a distance greater than 4". Research Findings: PEM Fuel Cell Current Behavior Works Cited

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GO GREEN AT BLUE! LEAD Chemical Engineering 2010 Acknowledgements:

Special Thanks to...

Dr. Valarie Thomas
Ms. Lauralyn Taylor
Ms. Angela Newing
Mr. Ben Mason
Mrs. Lucie Howell
LEAD 2010 Engineering Team and Facilitators

Many others....
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