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This is a brief presentation about Dr. Jose Rizal's second trip abroad.

Iiniia Fatima Munil

on 2 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of RIZAL'S SECOND TRIP ABROAD

CHAPTER 8 Rizal's Second Trip Abroad He who reads much and travels much, sees a lot and knows a lot..." --Rizal quoted Cervantes: El Quijote FEBRUARY 3, 1888

Rizal left Manila on board the ZAPIRO.
He met Varanda, the Secretary of Gov.
Gen. Terrero.
- He visited Filipinos in Hongkong.
- In Macau, he visited cathedrals, pagodas,
temples, shrines, theaters, botanical gardens and bazaars. He studied the Chinese way of life. Jose observed the following: HONGKONG and MACAU - The Chinese New Year
- Chinese theaters
- The Marathon Lauriat Party
- The richest order in Hongkong, THE DOMINICANS.
- The cemeteries in Hongkong. February 22, 1888, Rizal left Hongkong
on board the OCEANIC. JAPAN! The Land of Cherry Blossom Rizal arrived at Yokohama on Feb. 28, 1888.
He stayed at the Grand Hotel.
The next day he went to Tokyo and stayed there.
Upon invitation, he stayed in the Spanish Diplomat Headquarters.
He visited the provinces, studied Niponggo, Japanese art, theater, etc.
Rizal was impressed of Japan's culture:
the beauty of the country ( plants, flowers, gardens, mountains, rivers)
politeness thru bowing
few beggars on the streets; few thieves
clean houses
The Japanese are happy and industrious people. Seiko Usui or Osei-san Rizal left Yokohama on April 13, 1888 on board
the steamer BELGIC bound for USA. There he met
Techo Suehiro. He was just disgusted with
the concept of men pulling rickshaws. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Rizal reached SAN FRANCISCO on Apr. 28, 1888.
Dubbed America as "A motherland for the poor who wish to work".
He described America as a great country, but it has many defects too. They do not have real civil liberty.
When he was asked by Jose Alejandro about his impression of the country, he stated: AMERICA IS THE LAND PAR EXCELLENCE OF FREEDOM BUT ONLY FOR THE WHITES. He left New York on May 13,1888 on board THE CITY OF ROME bound for London. They experienced discriminations in America upon arrival for they weren't allowed to disembark. Chinese passengers were even quarantined much longer on board. LONDON! MAY 24, 1888, Rizal reached QUEENSTOWN, IRELAND. He got on board a ferry boat to Liverpool and a train for London. He lived in London from May 1888 - March 1889. He chose it for 3 reasons:
to improve his knowledge on English
to study Dr. Antonio de Morga's book SUCCESOS DE LAS ISLAS FILIPINAS, which is found in the British Museum.
London was safe from the Spaniards.
He worked in the British Museum Library, studied, copied, and published Morga's book.
He stayed as a guest of Dr. Antonio Ma. Regidor.
by May, he moved to a boarding house owned by the Beckett family.
Because he was an excellent linguist, he became good friends with Dr. Reinhold Rost, a Sanskrit scholar, the greatest scholar of that century. He even spent time with him.
Rost was impressed with his manners and called him "UNA PERLA DE HOMBRE" or Pearl of a Man. NEWS FROM CALAMBA Persecution of Filipino patriots who signed "ANTI-FRIAR PETITION of 1888".
Persecution of Calamba tenants.
Senators attacking Rizal
Manuel Hidalgo, Saturnina's husband, was exiled to Bohol.
Laureano Viado, his friend, was arrested for possesing copies of Noli.
Rev, Vicente Garcia's favorable defense of the Noli. :) Reformists in BARCELONA (Dec. 31, 1888)
President - Galicano Apacible
VP - Graciano Lopez Jaena
Honorary Pres - Rizal. FEB, 15, 1889, Jaena founded the newspaper, LA SOLIDARIDAD.
Rizal's 1st article = LOS AGRICULTORES FILIPINOS ( The Filipino Farmers)
pen names: Dimas Alang, Laong Laan He wrote a pamphlet against Fray Rodriguez, "LA VISION DEL FRAY RODRIGUEZ".
The Triumph of Science Over Death
The Triumph Death over Life.
carvings of the heads of the Beckett sisters. HE LEFT LONDON on March 19, 1889. PARIS, FRANCE! March 1889 Universal Exposition
Too many tourists in the city, so he stayed with Valentin Ventura. He transferred from different hotels and boarding houses.
Visited the home of Pardo de Tavera
Composed the story of THE MONKEY AND THE TORTOISE He was fascinated by the Universal Exposition, especially the Eiffel Tower -- MAY 6, 1889.
He organized the Kidlat Club, with Filipinos who wanted to join the expo.
He finalized his copy of Morga's book which showed evidence that the Filipinos were already civilized before the Spaniards came. He planned to establish a college in Hongkong with the help of Mr. Mariano Cunanan who promised to help him raise Php40,000. Unfortunately it did not succeed. But when he was exiled in Dapitan, he was able to establish a Boys School.
He wrote again another satire entitled POR TELEFONO, as a reply to Fr. Salvador Font, his slanderer. JANUARY 28, 1890, he left for Brussels, Belgium. BRUSSELS, BELGIUM! Jose Albert accompanied him to Brussels. He also lived with Jose Alejandro. He left Paris because:
the expensive cost of living
the gay social life hampered his literary works.
In Brussels, he made himself busy with sculpturing, shooting, going to gym, writing and reading, and writing articles for the La Solidaridad, examples are:
A La Defensa, La verdad para Todos, Vicente Barrantes' Teatro Tagalo, Una Profanacion, Crueldad, Ingratitudes,etc. He was the first to advocate Filipinization of orthography. He adopted Filipinized Tagalog in his translations of SCHILLER's WILHELM TELL, ANDERSEN's FAIRYTALES, and even in NOLI ME TANGERE.
He wrote an article about THE NEW ORTHOGRAPHY OF THE TAGALOG LANGUAGE in the newspaper. He was criticized by his fellow Filipinos in Madrid for reminding them not to gamble too much for they destroy the nation's reputation. He was even called POPE instead of PEPE. LETTERS FROM CALAMBA Calamba Agrarian Trouble
Increasing rents of the hacienda lands by the Dominicans
An order from the Dominicans to disposses the Rizal family's lands from them.
Persecution of tenants
Paciano, Antonio Lopez, Silvestre Ubaldo were deported to Mindoro.
Manuel Hidalgo was banished to Bohol again. THIS MADE RIZAL FEEL THE URGE TO GO HOME FOR HIS PEOPLE. BUT HIS FRIENDS, Blumentritt, Basa and Ponce warned him of danger. He changed his mind of going home because he heard from Paciano that they lost the Agrarian case. Rizal planned to raise the case in Madrid. He plans to defend it in Spain. MADRID, SPAIN! He arrived in Madrid on August 1890. But bad news piled as he arrived in the country. 1. FAILURE TO GET JUSTICE FOR THE FAMILY - Calamba was in chaos. Spanish statesmen only contributed words of sympathy.
2. THE DEATH OF JOSE MARIA PANGANIBAN, his Propaganda comrade, in Barcelona due to illness on AUG. 19, 1890.
4. INFIDELITY OF LEONOR RIVERA, planning to get married to an English man.
5. RIZAL and DEL PILAR's RIVALRY and ABDICATION OF LEADERSHIP IN LA SOLIDARIDAD, leading to divisions of the Filipino community in Madrid. BIARRITZ, FRANCE! Rizal wanted to take a rest from the problems he was carrying.
He stayed in Biarritz for 1 month. He finished El Filibusterismo here. He retired from the Propaganda movement and he wanted to focus on publishing El Fili and his medical profession.
He was deciding to settle either in the Philippines, Hongkong or Japan because Europe seemed a banishment to him due to the conflict in La Solidaridad. THAT WAS RIZAL's SECOND TRIP ABROAD :) THANK YOU for accompanying JOSE RIZAL :)
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