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Crocuses by Ruth Fainlight

No description

Stacy Galletta

on 16 March 2015

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Transcript of Crocuses by Ruth Fainlight

Crocuses by Ruth Fainlight
Presentation by: Stacy Galletta

Pale, bare, tender stems rising
from the muddy winter-faded grass,

shivering petals the almost luminous
blue and mauve of bruises on the naked

bodies of men, women, children
herded into a forest clearing or

before the shouted order, crack of gunfire,
final screams and prayers and moans
Speaker, Situation, Imagery, Mood
Third person limited (cannot see into minds of people in clearing).
Lines 1-3 are positive. Describes crocuses and forest/meadow area.
Shift from positive to horrid in line 4 with bruised and naked people.
People being a secluded area and being executed.
Uses "and" frequently in last line to draw emphasis and importance to final, powerful line.
Pale, bare, tender stems
Muddy winter-faded grass
Blue and mauve of bruises
Forest clearing
Shouted order
Crack of gunfire
Calm then turns panicked
These crocuses are appalling:
pale, bare, tender stems rising
through the muddy winter-faded turf,

shivering petals the almost luminous mauve
of lurid bruises on the frightened faces
and naked bodies of men, women, children

herded into a forest clearing or
towards a siding where a train has halted
and the trucks are waiting.
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