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Mosspits Lane Primary: Designing innovative school spaces

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Karen Owens

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Mosspits Lane Primary: Designing innovative school spaces

Designing innovative
school spaces To create a shared vision for designing
all spaces across the whole school. To create innovative spaces and learning environments that inspire both our children and adults. Research
inspiration Montessori
A home away from home What are
our aims? Forest Schools
Innovative approach to outdoor learning Elizabeth Jarman
Communication Friendly
Spaces TM Emilia Reggio
The Environment as the
Third Teacher Philosophy Colour
schemes Clean, clear, light colours are best for promoting learning. Too many bright primary colours can overstimulate. Light, 'cool' colours have a calming effect. Neutral walls
and boards enable children's work to take centre stage. Light Current research confirms we are all energised by natural light. Muted light, though, can be relaxing, cosy and safe and therefore good for use in 'spaces' to encourage speaking and listening and reading. Light, 'cool' colours have a calming effect. Better light levels stimulate brain activity and improve learning and concentration. This is why outdoor learning is good. Resources and
storage Well-presented resources encourage curiosity and exploration. Natural, earthy resources fit well with the neutral theme, such as baskets, hessian, wicker etc. Clutter and poorly presented, muddled materials can be confusing, demotivating and lack appeal. We can unknowingly over-stimulate children through use of displays. Many are often overly busy, highly decorative and hanging from every wall and ceiling space. It can be a visual overload. Define spaces Consider how space is arranged at home to offer secure, relaxed areas. Link the home setting to school setting. Create zones or defined areas - particularly for specific tasks such as reading, writing or speaking and listening. Avoid busy floor or wall coverings and graphics. Whole school Model the vision
in all spaces Communal areas, main offices, Leadership offices, library, staffroom, PPA room, even toilets... We want ALL school areas to embody the vision of light, natural spaces. Innovative and inspiring spaces to adults - staff and parents, not just children. Art area Reading
corner Writing table Pinterest Pinboard What now? Create minimalist, well-organised spaces. SLT to map out a long-term timeline of action for building, redecorating and reorganising spaces, buying storage. Natural and neutral display materials and resources to be ordered. Start to collect natural resources/recycling materials. Setting out a plan of action Outdoor
learning Provides a dramatic contrast to the indoor environment. Multisensory areas stimulating learning. Natural light accelerates learning. Boys particularly benefit from learning outdoors - 'dangerous' curriculum! Experiential learning in a real context fostering curiosity, experimentation, exploration and discovery. Share vision with parents and Governors. Initial school resources to be centred on indoor areas with outdoors as a longer-term vision. Use recycled materials or natural objects for learning and curiosity. Collecting ideas and inspiration http://pinterest.com/mosspits/ First phase of changes... In September 2011, Mosspits Infants and Juniors amalgamated. As a new school, we needed a new vision. The school was starting the process of being completely overhauled in almost all areas, particularly with building work, rewiring, new ceilings and lighting, extensions and refurbishments - the ideal time for a radical rethink on the school environment.
And so our journey began... We've done so much already! Classrooms and corridors and massively decluttered, clear and well-organised. All classes have
Communication-friendly Spaces TM So on to
Phase 2 we go... Mosspits Lane Primary School Prezi - researched and designed
by Karen Owens
Deputy Headteacher @MrsOwensDHT
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