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Hawaii- 5 Themes of Geography

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Mia Marciano

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Hawaii- 5 Themes of Geography

Hawaii- 5 Themes of Geography
Plan for Today:
- Have an awesome time
- Learn a bit about Hawaii and what we did there
- Teach you guys about the 5 themes and how they relate to Hawaii
- A little surprise at the end

- The way people, products, information, and ideas move from one place to another.
- Polynesians first settled in 300- 600 A.D
- brought species of animals, plants, and vegetables with them.
- Hawaii International Airport
- Kalealoa Airport
- Bus system
- Railway System
- Population
- 7.6 million tourists each year
-3 percent of the population are Native Hawaiians
- the majority of the population is Asian American.
Human- Environment Interaction
- Interactions between humans and the rest of the ecosystem
- Nature Conservancy
-group that protects the Hawaiian Islands
- Their system:
- conserve wild life
- expand national parks
- makes partnerships to protect forests and coral reefs
- include community
- helped protect 200,000 acres
- What we did:
- cut down ginger in Kohala Mountains
- Air, Light, Noise, and Water pollution
Kohala Mountains
- 8 major islands
- Natural characteristics
-vegetation, rivers, wildlife, climate, mountains, beaches, volcanoes,and soil.
- volcanoes:
- three active ones
- we went to some
- Human characteristics
- bridges, houses, buildings, roads, and parks.

Aunty Melora:
cutting down ginger
Time For Jeopardy!!!
- Polynesians brought dance
- Also brought plants and cattle
-Beaches, Tropical Rainforests, Waterfalls, Desert like areas
- Volcanic crater
- Missionaries

1.)In the middle of the Pacific Ocean
2.)2000 miles South west of the main land
3.)2250 miles from LA( the closest city
21 degrees north, 157 degrees west
A very isolated location

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