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Tim's Coffee Shop

Unit One Assignment

Candace Midlik

on 9 August 2013

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Transcript of Tim's Coffee Shop

Tim's Coffee Shop
Vision Statement
Tim’s Coffee Shop is compelled to bring its costumers the most heartfelt coffee with as much homegrown entertainment as they can handle. We hope to make everyone feel as if they are at home and can simply come to hang out and drink coffee.
Short Term Goals:
1. Find a way to better organize the stock room.

2. Have every employee understand the importance of people’s time. People on their lunch breaks need to know that they can come here and have everything they need in a timely fashion and made correctly the first time.

3. Get a new register so that we can broaden the way we accept payment.

Long Term Goals:
1. Find a way to “go green” that would help the environment

2. Create new promotions to keep people interested and coming back. Possibly figure out a way to target the university better and appeal to their music/coffee loving side.

3. Get a new office computer.

Implication of Goals:
I will start with short term goals. Finding a way to better organize the stock room is easy, buying more shelving and utilizing labels will help everyone to know where things go and where to put them back when they are finished so that this is a onetime ordeal and the stock room stays organized for a long time. At the beginning of every employees shift for one week they should have a team meeting that they go over the importance of speed and correctness; this should also be when everyone is trained to use the new registers.

Long term goals take a bit more in order to have them be executed correctly. “Going Green” is not exactly easy but possibly cutting down on cardboard usage or adding a recycling garbage can option would help. Creating new promotions can be done through adding new excitement to the business, after announcing that Tim’s now accepts credit cards there will need to be something else to help regain the hype. Finally getting a new office computer, I put this as a long term goal because ideally this office computer would have every file and document needed on there. It would also have a hookup to the cameras in the store.
Manager Responsibilities:
The responsibility and tasks of a manager may vary from one job to the next but every manager is responsible overseeing employees to make sure that the work is getting done that required tasks are being completed in a timely manner. (Weaver, n.d.). In the case of Tim’s Coffee Shop Elena Cano’s job would be to oversee the employees, make sure that the goals set by Tim are being met in a timely fashion, and communicating everything that is happening with Tim.
Owner Responsibilities:
The responsibilities and tasks that Tim will accumulate will vary from legal things to planning. Tim will have to be the one to take care of all the legal things, like complying with state and federal licensing. Followed by doing the hiring and firing, he will need to take the lead on this and make sure that everyone that he has working for him represents him appropriately. Finally he will be in charge of everything marketing and sales, he will have to identify the best strategies that work for this area and implement them.
Staff Responsibilities:
Elena Cano – Manager. Her responsibilities are described above as overseeing employees, communicating with Tim, and making sure that the goals that are set are being reached within their deadlines. Also making sure that everything needed for that week is stocked in the stock room to keep from being out.

Darryl Pettite – Assistant Manager. His responsibilities will included, making sure that every employee is doing their assigned part in the job described tasks and also assisting Elena in making sure that goals and time deadline are being met. Since Darryl is looking for more responsibility letting him take over booking the music may be sufficient to him.

Julio Rodriguez, Eugene Clemens, Maria Posada, and Rosa Abreu – Coffee Servers/ Baristas. Their tasks will include making sure that every customers order is made correctly and in a timely fashion. They will restock all of the essentials that go into their job (cups, lids, sleeves, cream, sugar, coffee, ect.)

Koyo Matsui, Michelle Hughes, Latoya Phillips, and Scott Jeter – Cashiers. Their tasks will include greeting every customer as they come in and ensuring that their order is heard correctly and passed along to the baristas correctly. They will help with restocking and also help with keeping the dining area looking clean and stocked also.
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