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Marriage in England during 1500s-1600s

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Andrea Tiberghien

on 21 January 2015

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Transcript of Marriage in England during 1500s-1600s

Marriage in England during 1500s-1600s
Arranged Marriage
Marriages were arranged with the purpose of benefiting both families involved: financially, properties and wealth.
Woman had very little, if any, choice in who her husband might be.
It was considered foolish to marry because you were in love.
Legal age
With parental permission, boys are legal to marry at 14, girls at 12, though it is not recommended so early.

It was recommended that girls not marry before 18 and boys not before 22.

Single women were considered witches.
Within the local church
Marriage had to be announced three times on three consecutive Sundays. Any marriage not published before hand was considered illegal.
This was a particularly festive event and the procession would be accompanied by musicians

Date of Marriages
Most of the Marriages took place in June, as men and women would take their yearly baths in may.
They thought taking a shower a day would give them diseases.
The menu was discussed and arrangements for acquiring the content of the more exotic dishes, such a peacock,
Dishes were often carefully presented as attractively as possible, often with peacock feathers.
Water was to unclean, so wine was available as the main beverage.
Traditions and explanations
The bride carries her garland till after the ceremony, then wears it on her head. - This was to dissipate the bad smell of the bride.
Wedding ring always goes on the left hand, on the ring finger - People believed there was a vein that lead to their hearts
Father walking bride to the altar - Fathers used to do this to demonstrate to everyone he was accepting this marriage.
Two truths and a lie
a) Single women were considered witches

b) Weddings were arranged when a couple fell in love

c) Wine was the mos common beverage for weddings
a) Boys were legally allowed to marry when they turned 14.

b)Peacock was the common meal for weddings.

c) The wedding ring is placed on the middle-finger

a) Marriage had to be announced three days before the wedding.

b) Yearly baths took place around May

c) Weddings would be accompanied by musicians
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