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Transforming Wellness on Campus: A Look at Healthy Campus 2020

NASPA-FL Drive-In 2012

April Moore

on 9 February 2013

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Transcript of Transforming Wellness on Campus: A Look at Healthy Campus 2020

Assistant Director- Fitness & Movement Clinic

Florida State University Transforming Wellness on Campus: Scary Stats The Socio-Ecological Approach Whose Responsibility is it? Healthy Campus 2020
What is it? Using the MAP-IT Model Where Do We Start? Healthy Campus Website 2/3 of Americans are overweight, even though 85% of Americans think they lead a "healthy lifestyle" -CNBC One Nation Overweight Fat Facts 12 million Americans are considered severely obese (100+ lbs overweight)- CNBC One Nation Overweight Fat Facts CDC 2009 Data CDC Data CDC Data healthline.com "Provides a framework for improving the overall health status of campuses nationwide" "Identifies health priorities in higher education" "Provides measurable objectives and goals" "Creates social and physical environments that promote good health for all" "Promotes quality of life, healthy development, and positive health behaviors" Collaborating Organizations:
ACHA, ACPA, The Bacchus Network, NASPA, NIRSA HC 2020 features an expanded version that addresses health and wellbeing of the entire campus community- to include faculty/staff as well as students April Moore 11 Student Topics, 54 different objectives
NEW: Academic Impediments Topic
NEW: 21 Faculty/Staff Objectives
NEW: Implementation Model and Toolkit Mobilize
Track 1. Heart Disease 2. Type 2 Diabetes 3. Lung Disease 4. Some Cancers 50% 1. Mobilize- Get your team moving! What's your mission and goals? 2. Assess- What can you realistically accomplish? Collect Baseline Data 3. Plan- Set objectives for your campus community 4. Implement- Write down your plan with detailed action steps and timelines/deadlines and SHARE! 5. Track- Measure progress year to year to ensure you are meeting targets http://www.acha.org/HealthyCampus/ Get Involved Join the listserv or coalition http://www.acha.org/HealthyCampus/connect.cfm April Moore admoore2@fsu.edu
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