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Blogging in the Classroom

No description

Michelle M

on 12 August 2014

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Transcript of Blogging in the Classroom

Language Arts
Blogging In the Classroom
Introduction to Blogging
What is a blog?

-A personal or professional discussion or informational site published on the web.
-Individuals and groups of people can contribute to discussions and comment. They are referred to as "bloggers"
-Blogs make sharing news and information EASY!
-Sites are organized by blog posts (newest at the top)
-Allow people to communicate with an audience allowing anyone to be a publisher.
Why Teachers Use Blogs
-To communicate with students
-Share ideas
-Present information to students
-Help motivate students
-Create classroom discussions
-Teach students about digital citizenship
-Digital homework assignments

Why Students Use Blogs
-Easy to use
-Communicate with classmates
-Practice writing skills
-Reflect on learning
-Collaborate with classmates
-Reflect on peer work
-Share opinions and experiences
-Develop writer's voice
-Express passions
What is the Teacher's Role

-Anytime access to read both teacher and classmate posts.

-Submit your thoughts, ideas, and reflections in response to the teacher and classmates posts.

-Create your own posts on your personal page for others to read and comment on.


-Write and publish short stories.
-Write and publish poems.
-Share book recommendations.

-Reflect on classroom lessons.
-Discuss classroom projects.
-Share interesting articles and links with classmates.
-Add to or create discussions on topics you are interested in.

-Answer weekly brain teaser questions.
-Share educational math game sites used to practice math facts.
-Create word problems for classmates to solve.

How Blogs Can be Used Throughout Academic Subjects
What is the Student's Role

-Anytime access to read student posts and responses.

-Submit thoughts, ideas, and reflections in response to student posts and responses.

-Create posts for students to read and comment on.

Blogs in the Classroom
Check out this video on a 4th grade classroom using blogs
Stop Wasting Paper
Start Blogging

Michelle M.
Summer 2014

Check out this fun video from Tim and Moby on Blogging
Brain Pop- http://www.brainpop.com/english/ writing/blogs/


So Why Do You Want to Blog?
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