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on 15 May 2014

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The Panda Gala is an exclusive dinner in support of WWF that we will host on Saturday 7th of June 2014 at the Princess Sofia Hotel.
This gala evening will offer a unique opportunity to highlight WWF's work in the Mediterranean region.
We imagine a beautiful hotel reception with the rooms decorated in a minimal yet elegant manner, the theme would be the sea and small details would remind us of that : the dominant colors of blue and white, the bowl of carefully shaped sea shells on the centerpieces…
The evening’s program will feature an selection of entertainment highlights : a unique fashion show segment by designers of the Ared Fundation, a charity auction featuring unique gowns worn by the models and the exposition and auction of numerous paintings, sculptures and ceramics donated by some of our most talented artists in Barcelona.
The first and most important one is to raise funds for the WWF
Mediterranean initiative.
The second one is to increment our data base with news donors, to get people enrolled in the cause and understand why it is so important to preserve our ecosystems.
To measure the results...
Count all of the revenue generated from the sales auction

Ticket selling and spontaneous donations

We will use the classical system of ROI (Return on investment)

As for our guests feedback we will keep a close eye WWF’s social network and observe responses linked to our official hashtag :

Target audience...
We have chosen to invite our most generous donators to WWF and public figures who have shown interest in the NGO’s cause.
In the first category, The VIP, the invitations will be mailed to the recipients on paper including His highness the Prince of Asturias, Pedro Calderón Antuñano the President for WWF Spain, members of the Lyceum (one of our sponsors), Mr. Barquero, Juan Carlos del Olmo general secretary for WWF Spain, the designers of the ARED foundation and members of AIBACC.
We will also send out paper invitations by mail to our next category of guests : Some of our most generous members.
As for our third category of guests, we will send the invitation via email to members involved with WWF, members who actively participate in projects, donating, doing volunteer work...
20:00 – Cocktail Reception

21:30 – Luxury dinner

22:30 – Speech ( given by WWF Spain President)

23:00 – Catwalk

23:30 – Auction
We have chosen the hotel "Princesa Sofía" because it is in the center of the city and is easely accessible being half way between the airport and Sants Station. We also chose the hotel
because it is a luxury hotel with 5 stars and fits with our target audience.
YELOW ZONE “HALL CATALUNYA”: reception area.
ORANGE ZONE “SITGES,ROSES,VILANOVA” : area for cocktail reception and expositions of artworks.
BLUE ZONE “HALL MEDITERRANEO” : Cocktail bar and beverage service.
GREEN ZONE : Space to catwalk
PINK ZONE : Dinner & party

financial plan
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