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maria clark

on 28 October 2013

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Easter in France
Easter in Guyana

Semana Santa
(Holy Week)
Semana Santa or Holy Week takes place before Easter Sunday which is also known as "Pascua". Citizens celebrate the life of Jesus Christ, dress in traditional costumes, participate in parades, and consume a meat free diet during this time period.
Culture Identification and Description
Easter in Columbia
The South American country of Columbia gained its independence from Spain on July 20, 1810. Today Columbia has a population of 134,545,000 people. African, European, and Native Indian influence contributed to the country's current culture. There are 68 ethnic languages and dialects. Spanish is the official language. The currency is the. Colombian Peso.
Let's Celebrate!
In this video clip the crowd watches the beautiful floats and costumed participants during a Semana Santa celebration.
"Nazarenos and Penitentes"
n this video, people gather outside a church to sing and worship during Semana Santa.
During Semana Santa, men, women, and children dress in these traditional hooded robes called Nazarenos and Penitentes. These participants hide their faces as they confess their sins. The hoods which are called capirote, represent an lifting towards heaven.
Culture Identification and Description
The European country of France gained its independence on July 14, 1789 during the French Revolution when the Bastille was stormed. The country's culture was influenced by Celtic, Gallo-Roman cultures which included the Franks, a Germanic tribe. France has a population of 57,571,00. Its currency is the Euro. The main language spoken is French.
On the Thursday before Good Friday, the church bells of France are silent. Parents tell there children that the bells have flown away to visit the Pope. On Easter morning, the bells "return"to ring out throughout the air to celebrate the ressurection of Christ.

Children play games such as the egg toss. To play, children toss raw eggs into the sky. The child who doesn't drop their egg, wins. The traditional pastsry is Hot Cross Buns.
Easter Traditions
Annual Omelet
Every Easter Monday in France, chefs prepare an enormous omelet in the center of town. This omelet is so large that it can feed up to 1,00 people.

Ingredients: 5,211 eggs
21 quarts of oil
110 pound of each:
bacon, onion,garlic

Cultural Identification and Description
In 1966 the South American country of Guyana, gained its independence from the United Kingdom. African, Indian, Amerindian, Chinese,Portuguese, Dutch, and British influence all contribute to Guyana's culture. The population of Guyana is 825,000.The Guyanese dollar is the country's currency. Languages in Guyana include English, Hindi, and Creole.
Easter Traditions of Guyana
In Guyana, the focus of Easter is on Lent, Good Friday and Ester Monday. Lent is a 40 day cycle of fasting. During lent the Guyanese people do not eat meat, chocolate, or candy.This 40 day fast represents the 40 days that Jesus endured.On Good Friday, people enjoy traditional Easter foods such as fish,vegetables,soup, and Cross Buns. Kites representing Christ's Resurrection fill the sky on Easter Monday.
Kite Celebration Easter Monday
In this brief video, the people of Guyana are flying kites to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ.
My Family's Celebration of Easter
My family has always celebrated holidays with joy and excitement. Easter was a time of great food, wonderful games, humble worship and inspirational music. As Easter approached, my mother would take my brother and me shopping for pastel colored clothes. In our family and community, it was a tradition to wear brightly colored clothes to Easter church service. The children of our church would recite poems and sing special songs. After church our large family would eat a feast consisting of smoked turkey, sweet potatoes, fried corn, cabbage, and “mac and cheese”. Later in the weekend all of the cousins would come together to have an outdoor Easter Egg hunt. Some of the eggs were plastic and filled with candy. The other eggs were hard boiled and dyed in bright colors. We would fill our plastic baskets with as many of the eggs as we could find. Our last tradition was the giving of the Easter baskets. Our families would present us with straw baskets filled with treats, toys, and candy. I will always remember the smells of the wonderful foods, harmonious music, and laughter of my family when I think of Easter.

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