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Thanks For Helping Me Become Who I Am!

This is who i am. (its for a school project)

Rachel Smith

on 12 October 2015

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Transcript of Thanks For Helping Me Become Who I Am!

By Rachel Smith
What I Love
That's Who I Am!
Thanks For Helping Me Become Who I Am, Because All Of You Helped Me Along The Way!!
Favorite Memories!!
1. When I got my dogs, Harley and Duke.
2. When my cat had kittens.
3. When I met my friends Camille, Destiny, Erica, Olivia, And many others.
4. My first day of kindergarten
5. When I went to Disney Land
6. The time I went zip lining in Tennessee

I Am Poem:
I am smart and unique
I wonder if i will get a 100 on this because it took a long time
I hear the voices of Dragons and Unicorns
I see Tinkerbell sitting on a log
I want to live in a huge mansion
I am smart and unique
I pretend that i can read minds
I feel all the joy of the world sitting in my soul
I touch the scale of a golden dragon
I worry that you probably aren't listening
I cry when i think of friends and family that i have lost
I am smart and unique
I understand my friends
I say that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. But, unless life also gives you water and sugar, your lemonade is gonna suck. This basically means that life is good, but sometimes things happen that aren't so good
I dream of magic
I try to change the world
I hope for an insanely awesome future
I am smart and unique

My Favorite Song
My Favorite Song Is Dramatic Song by Toby Turner. It is SOOO HILARIOUS!! Your may think it's weird, but its AWESOME!!
One day, me, my mom, and my brother Ricky were riding bikes all over my 64 acres of land. (literally, all over it) We got to this huge hill that goes to one of our fields. When we started going down the hill, Ricky says, "Go really fast so you can make it up the other side!" And I listened to him. (Mistake) The hill had bricks and rocks placed on it to prevent erosion. My bike hit one of these rocks, and the rock rolled over under the tire. This caused my bike to flip over. I flew over the handlebars, landing with a bang when my head smacked one of those cursed rocks. The bike landed on top of me. (OUCH!!!) I was moaning in pain when Ricky and Mom came over to check on me. I thought I had split open my skull or gotten a concussion! I was ok, even though it hurt A LOT.
I love many things. Some include
, and the Outdoors
!!The Time I Almost Died!!
Nobody ever asked me what it feel like to be me. Once I told the truth about that, I felt free. An I got to thinkin' bout all the people I knew, and the things I seen and done. My boy, Treelore, always said we was gonna have a writer in the family someday. I guess its gonna be me
I Am
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