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Cry, The Beloved Country

No description

Jade Christenson

on 18 November 2011

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Transcript of Cry, The Beloved Country

Cry, the Beloved Country Similes Metaphor ::Thesis:: The physical and spiritual journeys of the individual can repair the lost or broken bonds in life. allusion dialogue voice irony imagery juxtaposition personification point of veiw mood tone :: The Usage :: The main use of metaphors and similes was to develop characters and places. Development of
John Kumalo Development of
Socitey Development of
Absalom Kumalo Development of
Aurthor Jarvis "You know he spoke Afrikaana like
an Afrikaner?" Said by Harrison to Jarvis
page 172 "... he took the lifeless
hand in his own..." Said by Narrator
page 153 "...they say he speaks like
a bull and growls in his
throat like a lion..." Said by Msimangu to Kumalo
page 70 Development of
Johanesburg Development of
Stephan Kumalo " God have mercy upon us.
Christ have mercy upon us.
White man have mercy upon us. " Said by mother in Shanty Town
page 89 "...this boy ... had gone journeying in strange
waters, further than his parentshad known." Said by Jarvis
page 173 "They said, this is Johannesbuurg, this it
a boy going wrong, as other boys have
gone wrong in Johannesburg." Said by Kumalo to Father Vincent
page 139 "Sorrow is better then fear, ... Fear is
a journey, a terrible journey, but sorrow
is at least an arriving. Said by Father Vincent to Kumalo
page 140 "I do not wish to live like that would rather die than live like that." Said by Arthur in an artile
page 208 "There was a brightness in him." Said by Kumalo to Jarvis
page 214 " For a moment he was caught up in a cision, as man so often is when he sits in a place of ashes and destruction. " Said by Narrator
page 120 " It was as though a man borne upward into the air fell suddenly that the wings of miracle dropped away from him, so that he looked down upon the eath sick with fear and apprehension. Work Cited

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"...my wife and I lived out our lives in innocence, there
in Ndotsheni, not knowing that this thing was comming,
step by step. " Said by Kumalo to Father Vicent
page 139
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