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Copy of English: Shakespeare Research Project

No description

Priscilla Lam

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of Copy of English: Shakespeare Research Project

Shakespeare Project ... small Themes from Much Ado About Nothing Love (Claudio and Hero):
Claudio and Hero seem to be the perfect couple at first
Don John plots to slander and traduce the innocent Hero
Sets up a scene where a woman was with a man at Hero’s chamber window
Claudio was totally deceived
Feelings for Hero totally changed
Disgraces Hero at wedding
Reunites after the truth is revealed Love (Benedick and Beatrice):
They argue everytime they see each other
Helped them understand more about one another
Cunning yet funny dialogues adds humor to plot
After a series of tricks by their friends, they finally got together in the end of the play
Bringing a happy ending to the story Lies and Deceptions(Claudio and Don Pedro):
One of the main lies is when Claudio and Don Pedro tricked Benedick to fall in love with Beatrice
Without this trick, they wouldn’t fall in love and the story’s ending wouldn’t have been so joyous Lies and Deceptions(Hero and Ursula):
Hero and Ursula deluded Beatrice by lying in a conversation, saying Benedick would die for Beatrice
Benedick and Beatrice were both fooled
They both fell in love with each other
Became one of the major couples in the play Shakespeare
Shakespeare's Time 2 4 5
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