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Advanced Placement Presentation

AP Program at the High School

Scott Joseph

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Advanced Placement Presentation

Advanced Placement at Byron Center High School College Credit $85 per test = 3 college credits More Rigor = Greater College Success Success vs. Entrance Increase MME/ACT Test Scores GPA, Scholarships, and more What do colleges look for? Enhancing the program Total number of AP Exams Increase test scores More students preparing for college success,
not just college entrance Why AP? High School preparation is not just about college entrance,
it's about college success National College Graduation Rates
are 56% for Bachelor's Degree Dual Enrollment Beyond what BC can offer Dual Enrollment will always have a place English Literature
English Language & Composition
U.S. History
Portfolio Development 2006: 42
2007: 124
2008: 167
2009: 148
2010: 247
2011: 384 Enrolled Program vs. Course Possible New Courses by 2013 Calculus
World History
Music Theory Vertical Alignment
Smart Goals
School Improvement Process Current Classes Only 18% of all students nationally
take a college course prior to college.

Only 11% currently pass an AP Exam 62 students interested in dual
enrollment this year.
32 students currently Only 29% of students who don't take an AP Class
finish college with a bachelor's degree in less than 4 years

61% of students taking an AP course graduate with a bachelor's
degree in less than 4 years 80% of admission
decision is grades in
college prep courses
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