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NEW Tayo's Guilt in Ceremony

No description

Noelani Schulmeyer

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of NEW Tayo's Guilt in Ceremony

Guilt in Ceremony Tayo's guilt, in Ceremony, regarding Rocky's
Death is revealed through through his relationships
and how he behaves within them When he comes back from war he is surrounded with uncontrolled feelings Tayo has constant thoughts on the war, including nightmares and hallucinations. "he was tired of fighting i
g off the dreams and the voices; he was tired of guarding
himself against places and things that evoked memories" (26). "He saw the skin of the corpes again and again"(70). "he could no longer rest as long as the memories were tangled up and present" (6). "he had to sweat to think of something that wasn't unraveled or tied in knots to the past" (7). Tayo beGins
to act
when he is
with his
friends He begins to drink, in
order to forget about the
Rocky's death: "They give him another beer. Two bottles
in front of him now...Tayo starts crying.
They think maybe he's crying about what
the Japs did to Rocky..."(43). Tayo even begins to get into fights with his friends.

He punches Emo at
one point in the novel. Aunties relationship Tayo
greatly emphasizes the amount of guilt
conscience Auntie never wanted Tayo
to feel like he was a part
of the family.
"Auntie had always been careful that Rocky didn't call tayo brother"(65). Auntie made Tayo feel as though
Rocky were her only family So, Tayo blames himself for taking away Auntie's only family, since he promised he would not let anything happen to Rocky. Tayo says to Auntie before going back to war, "I'll bring [Rocky] back safe"(73). in conclusion, the guilt Tayo has over Rocky's death is revealed through his relationships and actions.
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